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10 Things Which Can Get You in Trouble While Riding Your Bike

Riding a two-wheeler is nothing less than performing the act of juggling in the middle of a busy road. While riding a bike, people often forget to focus on important things such as safety, documentation, etc. and end up breaking the law. To avoid this, take a look at the top ten instances where you could get in trouble and end up with traffic violation fines:

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#1 Ignoring Safety

The most common reason for getting a traffic police challan is ignoring safety. It is a rule to wear the helmet while riding a two-wheeler. Not only should the rider, who controls the bike, wear a helmet but the pillion rider should also wear it as a safety measure. It is a common tendency of bike riders in our country to wear a helmet only when they spot a traffic police officer. The fine for not wearing a helmet is Rs. 500.

#2 Not Carrying Valid Documents

According to the two-wheeler traffic rules, it is necessary to carry driving license, registration certificate (RC), Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate and two-wheeler insurance while riding a bike. Many people either forget to carry these documents or to renew their PUC and insurance policy. The fine for not carrying valid documents can range from Rs. 200 to 2000 depending on the document in question.

#3 Using a phone

Using a phone while riding a two-wheeler can prove to be fatal for the riders as well as others. Using the phone for any activity such as texting, recording a video, answering calls, taking pictures, etc. is an offense. You can get a traffic police challan of Rs. 200.

#4 Overspeeding

The dangers of overspeeding are universally known. As compared to a four-wheeler, overspeeding on a bike is much more dangerous. Cars provide at least one layer of protection between collisions. This is not the case with a two-wheeler. In a collision, riders have nothing between the bike and other objects.

#5 Overloading Passengers

Riding triple seat on a scooter or bike seems like a lot of fun with friends, but it is highly dangerous. The rider could lose balance and get into an accident. In extreme cases, riding triple-seat could be fatal. Overloading of passengers on any bike is against two-wheeler traffic rules. The fine for riding triple seat is Rs. 200.

#6 Drunk Driving

The consequences of drunk driving are not unknown to us. Being alert is the most important aspect of riding a bike. If you are under the influence of any kind of intoxicating substance, you could lose the control of your bike and get into an accident. Drinking and drive is a non-compoundable offense, i.e. the police files a case against you and you cannot walk away without paying fines and/or getting punished.

#7 Parking on the Footpath

A footpath is meant for the pedestrians to walk on. In our country, bikers sometimes ride on the footpath. Riding or parking the bike on a footpath is an offense and will attract a traffic police challan of Rs. 200.

#8 Displaying a Fancy Number Plate

We often see two-wheelers with random words like DADA, SAI, MAMA, etc. written in Devanagari script. According to the two-wheeler traffic rules, a number plate should be in Alphanumeric readable combination. The fine for displaying a fancy number plate is Rs. 1000.

#9 Using a Multitone Horn

A horn installed on any vehicle should emit a single tone sound, which should not be too loud. If the horn is multi-toned or loud, the rider will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500.

#10 Riding Without Mirrors

Mirrors are meant to view the distance between other vehicles in the vicinity of a bike. Not using mirrors increase the chances of collision with other vehicles. The fine for not using side mirrors is Rs. 200.

Ride any vehicle safely and save yourself from traffic violation fines!

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