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5 Predictions for the Future of Information Technology

What is communication technology and how will it shape our future? The realm of technology keeps getting bigger and there are some sharp-minded individuals out there who are changing the way this technology can improve our lives. Here are some popular predictions about up-and-coming information technology trends and how they may evolve.

Workplace Improvement

One common assumption is that more and more businesses will accept and implement the use of technology in the workplace. Technology already has and will continue to be used in most offices to achieve real-time communication and remote collaboration. Younger generations will come into the workplace with a growing proficiency in technology and how to use it to improve and problem solve. Businesses, even the stubborn ones, will most likely move towards making the changes and updates needed to keep their employees happy if they haven’t done so already.

The Use of A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is already moving among us. It sounds strange, but one study hopes that teaching A.I. about how humans react to different things will help us gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully communicate. For example, A.I. would observe how test audiences react to different speeches or performances and other stimuli and that data would be stored and then used as the ultimate focus group. It could be especially useful for marketing and more precise than tedious focus groups.

A Push Towards Sustainability

Many of the things that make our lives easier are not great for the planet. Just the manufacturing of the equipment needed to make the technology possible puts a strain on our ecosystem. The hope is that more companies will move towards sustainable technology solutions. One power plant near Houston is developing a new technology that will turn natural gas into clean energy. It hopes to create a plant that can catch the released carbon dioxide while still generating power at a low cost. Principal Standard Group, a financial firm run by CEO Peter Foyo, works on a wide range of telecommunications projects around the world. They installed the first solar energy unit in Mexico and continue to push towards green technology solutions.

A New Kind of Cell Phone

One of the most popular predictions for the future of cell phones is that they will utilize holograms. It sounds like it’s something from a science fiction movie but there are concept phones that show what might be possible in the future. There was even a rumor that within the next few years, iPhones would have holographic features for users to interact with. For now, it remains in the realm of rumors but features like these may not be far off.

Increased Internet Privacy

Depending on who you talk to, the discussion of internet security and privacy can go either way. Some are hopeful that as we spend more time on the internet, our identities and our bank accounts will have increased protection. Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are already being used by some people and they can protect users’ identities while still allowing them to make transactions online. ZKP allow users to identify themselves without using passwords, which can be stolen. This is one example of an emerging security improvement. It was mainly developed out of the need for more privacy when using online currency. Some banks, like JP Morgan Chase, have added the tool to their payment system to give their customers increased protection.

Communication Technology is something that shifts and changes shape as the years go on. The more technology improves, the more benefits institutions like hospitals and schools can take advantage of. Technology has come a long way in a short period of time and its hard not to get excited about what may develop in the near future.

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