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5 Tips To Reassess Your Car Insurance Policy

Reassessing things is a good way of knowing where you are and where you want to go. This philosophy applies in various aspects of life. It is applicable while renewing your car insurance as well. It is a known fact that car insurance is mandatory in India. Thus, you have to not only purchase a car insurance policy but keep on renewing it in a timely manner. Listed below are 5 tips that will help you to reassess your car insurance policy when you are about to renew it.

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Time for An Upgrade

If you have been driving around with a basic Third-party Liability Car Insurance policy, it might be time for you to get an upgrade. While a Third-party Liability policy is good enough to keep you on the right side of the law, it doesn’t insure your car in times of adversity. By opting for a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you not only follow the law but also insure your car against damages arising out of accidents, theft, calamities, etc.

Add Those Add-ons

While you consider going for Comprehensive Car Insurance, here’s another reason why you should opt for it. Add-ons! Add-ons are extra insurance riders that you can add to your policy to cover specific risks and avail extra benefits. Some of the popular Add-ons are Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, Accessories Cover, etc. Note that Add-ons cannot be purchased with a basic Third-party Liability policy, they can only be added to a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Get Those Discounts

Car insurance companies reward good drivers with a No Claim Bonus (NCB). NCB is given to those who do not raise a claim during a policy year. This discount can be applied while renewing your policy. Your car insurance provider might also provide you a discount on your car insurance premium if you have installed anti-theft devices certified by Automobile Research Association of India.

Have You Modified Your Car?

People like to express themselves by modifying their car. They add accessories to it, change the interiors, play around with the technical specifications, etc. If you happen to be one of those people who like to make a statement by modifying their car, ensure to inform your car insurance provider about the same. If you fail to inform and raise a claim for damages incurred to the modified parts, chances are that the insurer might not approve it, as those modifications did not exist while the car was insured. It is suggested to get in touch with a car insurance executive to know the right kind of insurance cover for your modified car.

New Insurer

You have the option of switching your insurance provider if you are not satisfied with the services provided by your current insurer. You can also switch if you come across a new insurance provider that offers convenient insurance policies with suitable features at an affordable price.

Timely Policy Renewal

Whether or not you choose to change your policy depending upon the above-mentioned points, make sure to renew your car insurance policy in a timely manner. Your car insurance policy becomes invalid the moment it expires. Driving with an expired car insurance policy is as good as driving without a car insurance policy. This makes you vulnerable to financial losses in case your car meets with an accident or you are fined by the traffic police.

Nowadays, it has become extremely easy to insure your car online. You just have to visit your preferred insurance provider’s website, choose your car insurance plan, read and understand the terms and conditions, and purchase the policy. Once you make the payment, your policy document shall be emailed to you within minutes.



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