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7 Electricity Safety Tips for Parents and Children

We’ve grown up being so used to having electricity as a part of our everyday lives that we’ve almost forgotten how dangerous can it be.

Every year, hundreds of people are severely injured or even killed by electricity and thus we must be incredibly careful when dealing with electrical problems, no matter how small. Also, all electrical problems should be dealt with as soon as they are encountered.

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For parents with younger kids, electrical safety is of paramount importance. Kids tend to be curious just about everything and they are unaware of the dangers that electricity poses and what can be done to remain safe.

Here are 7 ways that will help you keep your kids safe when around electricity:

  1. Cover electrical outlets

Kids can hardly resist electrical outlets, and hence, to avoid tragedies of electric shocks, you must keep the outlets covered with electrical outlet covers. These covers can be plugged in just like a normal plug, are easy and use, and cheap to buy. While you’ll be able to remove them easily when you need to use the socket, they are designed to be close fitting so that little hands are unable to pull them out.

  1. Make it difficult to pull out cords

You do not want your child to pull out electrical cords, exposing the socket to them. Moreover, if switched on, pulling out the cord may expose them to a risk of electrical shocks. You must hence reorganize your furniture such that the outlets are so placed that your child cannot reach them to pull out cords. You could also employ the use of cord hiding devices.

  1. Store appliances out of reach

The smaller and portable devices like electronic shavers, grinders, or irons must be hidden away unless you need to use them. Not only will your child be safe from electrical injuries but such appliances may also cause injuries due to hot surface or sharp parts, which can be avoided if appliances remain out of reach.

  1. Keep appliances stable

You possibly cannot have your television or refrigerator stored out of reach. Hence it is imperative to make sure that they are stable and pulling on them wouldn’t cause your child to get knocked down.

  1. Be aware of trailing cords

Leave alone children, trailing cords in your home may even cause you to trip over and hurt yourself. Also, tripping over may pull the cord too hard resulting short circuit or sparking. Thus, trailing cord must be secured with a tie or duct tape, or be hidden under the carpets to avoid accidents.

  1. Be aware of potential danger

Electrical hazards can be potentially dangerous and even life taking. You should thus keep an eye for:

  • Sockets that do not work properly
  • Flickering lights
  • Sockets that create a buzzing sound when you plug in something
  • Damaged power cords
  • Burning smells or sparks from a socket
  • Plugs that do not fit snugly into the socket.

If you encounter any such issues, you could call a local electrician to be safe now than be sorry later.

  1. Educate your kids

As soon as your kids grow to a stage of understanding, try to explain to them the hazards of electricity. Tell them that they must never touch sockets, teach them how do devices need to be plugged and ask them to ask for help whenever dealing with electronics.

Safety with appliances, cords, and sockets is essential; no matter how expensive or good quality fittings have you used. However, it is equally important to use high quality and certified electrical fittings to avoid undue everyday accidents with electricity.


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