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Beauty is the Signature of God

What are that means of a sport, say cricket? What else if now not the play itself? When one plays properly, one doesn’t fear about the factor of it. What is the which means of love? For fanatics, this query can’t be entertained. Love itself is the that means, sufficient unto itself. Those who’ve given their hearts to beauty and the sport of affection don’t have anything greater to invite for. Contemplating or thinking approximately “ye parī-chehra log raise haiñ/ġhamza o fish o adā kyā hai” their coronary heart itch or the ache of existence has been cured or converted into something that is like the pain of love, stunning.
Life is the that means of Life. When lifestyles are absolute – soulfully, aesthetically, intensely, ecstatically – lived, we don’t debate the that means of life. Life pinches occasionally and we begin to fear approximately its meaning. But if we are really creative, simply worshipful, truly open to like, we are celebrating or taking part inside the better that means of lifestyles. Most people fail to locate lifestyles meaningful on its very own phrases because we aren’t equipped to dissolve into its thriller and splendor. We want it to transport on our phrases and make ego the king and that is the name of the game of our perpetual slavery. Life itself is beautiful or completely satisfied beyond imagination – and calls for our gratitude for the gift – in keeping with the divine understanding vouchsafed to prophets and saints. The call for Iman (faith) is most fundamentally a call for gratitude for being, for life.


newlookbeauty-slider-1.png (1204×733)(Deep down all of us are aware of it and that is why aren’t equipped to an element with this gift on any phrases. We all love existence and maximum people can receive demise best on the supposition that is unveils new life beyond. Before the whole thing, we owe sajdah Tasha kk ur to Whomsoever we owe the present of life. That is why our main obligation is to religion (gratitude). The term disbelief (kufr) inside the Quran is, insightfully, translated by means of Leila Bakhtiar in her The Sublime Quran as ingratitude. No respectable person might vote for ingratitude. Ingratitude leads to depression. And that’s what he’ll sincerely stand for. None puts a man into hell; he plunges into it. And this drama is occurring every moment. An atheism that real faith is incompatible with is what leads to despair because an atheist has not anything to thank for, nothing to love, no object of reward. There are hardly any atheists in the actual sense. Those who are therefore classified have much stuff to thank for, love and praise and hence always are parasitic on bounties of religion. An atheist is one who is ever complaining and without that means it’s even cursed his/her coming into the world or trivialize the present of lifestyles (to honestly imply it he/she need to opt for losing out of this pageant called the arena). We all grow to be atheists to positive degree whilst despair, frustration, alienation, sufferings of diverse types overpower us and we lose sight of Mercy. Only outstanding saints haven’t any proceedings and are all gratitude and consequently have a better idea or consciousness of this bliss. Artists and youngsters additionally recognize it to a volume. Lovers do it while loving consumes them. The query is how can we come closer to this perfect of understanding bliss. One of the top notch solutions is the cultivation of splendor within and without. Attention to beauty is attention to God/Heaven. The tragedy is few see the beauty around and fewer the splendor inside.

Serlyn Shetty
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