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A drip tip is a popular vape accessory which is used as a mouthpiece on vape tanks. Drip tips can greatly affect the quality of your vape despite of seeming like any regular small and inconsequential item. What’s more? You can add a significant bit of customization to your vape kits with the help of drip tips.

We have brought to you some interesting drip tip options that you can use.


Plastic drip tips are a cheaper and safer option for people that tend to lose small accessories. Not only are plastic drip tips affordable, but they are can also be replaced easily. However, plastic drip tips also come in several qualities. The more expensive the plastic, the better it is at displacing heat, therefore allowing you to enjoy hot vapes without making their lips uncomfortable.


The most common drip tip material is metal. Metals like aluminium or stainless steel are affordable and durable too. Dedicated vapers who want to add that extra touch to their vapes can opt for luxury metals like titanium to get their drip tips made. Metal drip tips are not just used because they look good, but also because they retain heat. However, when using for a prolonged period of time, metal drip tips can get excessively hot.


An artistic addition to your vape kit can be an exquisite glass drip tip. As glass drip tips are fragile and quite expensive, you can use them from time to time and not regularly. Glass is also a heat resisting substance and thus, makes your vaping experience comfortable. Some people also say that glass makes their vape taste better.


Many drip tips are made also made from stone composites and stone resins. These are artisan drip tips and have a unique look. Some people use stone drip tips to make their vaping setup stand out and look artsy. The durability and fragility of stone drip tips depends upon what material they are made of and their manufacturer. But, almost all stone tips are great at resisting heat. Stone drip tips are a lot more expensive than metal and plastic drip tips, but their unique looks are well worth the price.


Wood is the least common material for drip tips. Wooden drip tips can look beautiful and are very good at resisting heat, their finish is something to pay attention to. A low-quality finish will lead to the wood being exposed to heat and moisture, and since you can’t vape without heat or moisture, these remain novelty items. Exposed wood can warp and lose shape. You should also take special care of wooden drip tips as if not cared for properly, the wood can also splinter and get stuck in your lip.


Some companies tend to mix and match materials in order to provide characteristics of both in a drip tip. You can customizer your hybrid drip tip according to your preference.


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