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Camels, stunts and military might featured in annual parade as India marks 70th Republic Day

NEW DELHI – Thousands of humans watched as tanks, camel-hooked up forces and motorbike stunt riders paraded in New Delhi on Saturday as India marked its seventieth Republic Day in an annual display of subculture and navy may.

Security changed into tight, especially within the capital wherein big sections had been sealed off for the parade and travelling dignitaries inclusive of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who turned into the visitor of honour.

Around 25,000 police and paramilitary pressure personnel have been deployed throughout the town for the event.

The day marks the date in 1950 while India’s new constitution got here into impact. India won independence from Britain in 1947, however, went through a transitional phase while it became nonetheless classed as a dominion.

The parade, inside the coronary heart of the Indian capital, had the standard colourful array of security forces, together with camel-hooked up border forces in brilliant turbans, tanks, missiles and companies from throughout the united states in regional dress.

On the eve of the national day, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind entreated people to vote in countrywide elections due by means of May.

“An election isn’t just a political workout. An election is a collective name to know-how and a collective name to the movement,” Kovind stated in his speech. “This makes the very act of balloting a sacred act,” he introduced.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who analysts say is locked in a hard-fought electoral battle, hopes to be re-elected in the imminent elections.

Ramaphosa, who is leading a delegation to India, held an assembly with Modi and stated he hopes for nearer bilateral cooperation among the 2 international locations.

“(We) concluded this morning a 3-yr strategic program of cooperation,” Ramaphosa informed newshounds after the Friday assembly.

On these days, we have a ritual of having parade within the capital of India, New Delhi referred to as the ‘Republic Day Parade’ marched via each of the country showing their strengths and celebrating the Indianness in them. The parade is watched by using the president of India and is done on the ‘Raj Path’.

The President, additionally, can pay homage to all of the martyrs early within the day by way of laying a ‘floral wreath’ at the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ at India Gate. Along with it, youngsters are selected for being courageous at some point of us of a to be given the ‘National Bravery Award’ on this day.

The National Republic Parade

The President of India hosts the National Flag and a 21-gun salute is given to the National Flag. Then the whole us of stands and sings the ‘National Anthem’ in Harmony.

The Parade then takes off with the floats that celebrate the culture and festivities of various states and their capitals. At the quiet of the Parade, the nice State that accomplished on the grand parade is chosen. The parade is broadly blanketed by using media and an intensive statement of it is witnessed via extra than one billion humans in India thru television and radio. Each show brings out the variety and the wealthy lifestyle that has spanned at some point of the united states of America and the elements that bind the one-of-a-kind states into one united states.

Voluntarily, the parade also consists of most vibrant and breath-taking shows and floats consequently traditionally finishing with a flypast that shows the braveness of Indian Air Force jets.

Chief Guest

On this present day, India invites a few the most important and maximum first-rate personality from the arena to be the ‘Chief Guest’ and witness the dynamic complaints. The chief is determined upon the financial, political and strategic pastimes. This year’s chief guest is ‘Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’, the President of Indonesia.


Today, the Republic Day in India is well known with a whole lot enthusiasm at some stage in the USA. This day definitely reminds us the sacrifices made not only by means of the martyrs but also by means of their circle of relatives and their key roles to make this united states of America what it’s far today.


Come gala’s and celebrations entrepreneurs hijack print, television and virtual media with all that they have. Be it principal Indian gala’s such as Diwali, hold or celebration of unique days viz, Independence day, girls’ day, children’s day and many others, each logo desires to do ‘something distinctive’ to sell themselves.


From colourful ‘hold’ ads, ‘shiny and dhamakedaar’ Diwali emailers, ‘proud’ Independence Day & Republic Day ads or ‘pleasure-crammed’ Christmas advertisements; newspapers and emails are packed with such ‘achieved-to-death’ advertising fabric. Instead of doing something specific, maximum of them come to be being a part of the clutter.

This advert via Toyota sums up what I am trying to point out right here…

You ought to argue that print medium has its regulations and as a result, the lack of creativity, however then here are few examples of brands that got it proper and how!


I bet most of the brands suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and subsequently, they wish to be everywhere… Whether 0na Independence day and is applicable or inappropriate, would not count the number…

Just link the phrases ‘relevant’ to the event to the emblem and you’re looked after, or so your concept…

Not all force-in shape advertisements are awful though. Thanks to social media and the viral films, many manufacturers use the ’emotional’ tool to get a thumbs-up.

Rajnigandha Pearls performed it alternatively well with its trainer’s day marketing campaign #teachernebolatha. The brand’s product and the occasion have nothing to do with every other. It’s simply the stories weaved in cautiously with emotions that grab the eyeballs. But alternatively, this story might have been told by every other logo in the picture or with none brand and it would still paintings just as exceptional.

Follow the herd:

You already realize it, when one emblem declares a ‘Big’ Sale the others comply with the foot-steps with a ‘Great’ sale. When a particular emblem proposes ‘noise-less’ or green Diwali, all of the different manufacturers don the ‘save the surroundings’ cape as well; whether or not they believe in it’s far a distinctive question. For all, you already know they’re those lights up the sky on Diwali with those spectacular fireworks.

When people do not comply with the herd and take their own stand, they truly stand-out. Take for instance these manufacturers that in preference to ‘store water ‘concept, this brand stuck directly to ‘eve teasing’ this is so time-honoured throughout Holi.

On any given day now not simply the mailbox, but the textual content box and WhatsApp also are spammed with several marketing messages wishing me Happy Diwali, eid, instructor’s day, mom’s day, father’s day, chocolate day, rose day and plenty of days I by no means knew existed. It seems the day isn’t always some distance when each day could be a party, literally. Till then, Happy Blog Day. Look, I just invented one!


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