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Carpet cleaning methods- chem-dry cleaning

Various different methods can be used to clean carpets. Most commonly used method is wet cleaning. However most recently, professional carpet cleaning companies have come up with low moisture techniques for carpet cleaning. This latest technique is known as chem-dry cleaning.

Basic information about chem dry cleaning

This method of chem dry cleaning involves dry foam or dry chemicals. This method works as a charm on carpets which are used in high traffic areas, where wet cleaning is risky. This method is also used specifically with deep cleaning.

It is not totally dry-cleaning method, i.e. it involves usage of little water as dampness is a part of cleaning process.

This process of cleaning is preceded by pre-cleaning process, wherein carpet is cleaned for existing heavy soil. Immediately after that, the carpet is dusted with chemicals that are worked in by repeated and vigorous brushing using a brushing machine.


After doing everything that is stated above, the carpet is then left to dry for an hour, which is later followed by deep vacuuming for dirt extraction.

Benefits of chem-dry cleaning

There are several benefits attached to chem-dry cleaning. Some of them include-

  1. Reduced drying time

This technique of cleaning carpet involves incredibly less water, and hence it takes almost no time for the carpet to dry. It is almost possible to walk on the carpet right after cleaning process.

  1. Prevents over wetting

Since less water is used on carpet for cleaning process by chem-dry technique, it prevents the carpet from getting too wet.

  1. No residue

Since there is zero usage of detergent and uses negligible amount of water for cleaning process, it does not leave any mold or residue in the carpet. Hence there is no scope for germ incubation as no liquid is involved in the process.

  1. Completely organic and safe

Most of the professional cleaning companies use those methods which involve using of organic chemicals. These are toxin-free chemicals and totally safe for animals and humans. Also, use of this method for cleaning process doesn’t affect people suffering from asthma and allergies.


As stated above, the chem-dry cleaning method is totally safe for people and pets and doesn’t leave behind any residue when used on the carpet. But there are several precautions which need to be kept in mind while adhering to this process of cleaning. Firstly, you have to make sure that the technician which you have appointed is professional and trained in this field and is fully aware of the equipments the cleaning agent he is using.

Secondly, the dry foam machine should be used with the foam or grain of pile, if any. It may require turning the machine off and then going back to the initial edge to foam an adjoining area in flowing direction. Also, you have to make sure that foam is completely dry before it is vacuumed; if the technician is not skilled in this field the desired results may not be achieved.

While hiring a professional cleaning company, make sure that you inquire about the cleaning agent used by them. It is indispensible that the cleaning agent used by them is non toxin and eco friendly.

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