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Casement Window Benefits to Your Home

In areas that experience a lot of wind, casement windows are very popular. Casement windows have cranks, which swings open the window outwards. When the winds blow towards your home, it holds up tighter than any other window. It has got a tight seal, and therefore it also offers stability and efficiency. Here in this article, we will list the reasons about why do people like casement window.

They are Harder to Break Into

If you are concerned about the security of your home, then casement window is the way to go. As we all know, or may have seen is that the locks of these casement window are towards the inside of the house, and also the locks are hook shaped. Moreover, the hook shaped locks are embedded inside a frame which is a groove like thing, making the lock untouchable. On the contrary, double hung windows are pretty easily accessible if one can slip in a thin bar from under the window and open the window by lifting the screw locks anytime. Therefore, casements windows ensure safety for your house. In fact, the casement windows also ensure the safety of your house by discouraging unauthorized entries, since, it would be tedious for a thief to open the window from outside.


They Let the Wind In

Considering the fact that breeze, or light window usually flow in acute angles, along a house, it is evident that having casement windows will enable you to catch a portion of the breeze. This is because the casement windows have sash, which behaves like flaps, which funnel breezes in to the house. Therefore, casement windows are a great thing to possess if you live in a populated city, where the space is limited.

Full Window Opening

In practical sense, no other window can open as far as casement window opens, and therefore no other window is capable of giving you better ventilation as casement window gives. Who doesn’t love sunshine in a chilly cold morning? A casement window offers the best home lighting with proper ventilation. Other variants of windows such as, double hung windows, only allows one of its part to open at a time. Therefore, you can either open the upper part, or the lower part at a particular time. Other sliding windows, only allows one part to be dynamic, while the other part stays static and cannot be moved, and then there are fixed windows, which cannot be moved at all.

If you are someone, who loves the sky-blue skyline, seeing through the window in to the streets, then casement window is something that you would cherish. But, you must always consider the safety of children, because the wide opening of the window can pose danger to children.

Fewer Dividing Strips

Nobody likes to see a lot of iron strips running from one side of the window to another, every time he/she wants to look out of the window to see the beautiful outdoors. The dividing strips on casement windows are fewer, which ensures great scenes whenever you look outside the window, without interrupting the view. Therefore, if you want a neat look on your windows, casement window is the way to go. Single sashes have no dividing strips, and dual sash casements have only one dividing strips, and hence, offers you with a plain rustic natural view.

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