5 Tips To Keep Your Two-wheeler Functional During Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived and so have the problems associated with it. The rainy season brings with it a set of challenges for two-wheelers and their riders. From frequent flooding to pot-holed roads, your two-wheeler has to navigate through some tough conditions to get you to your destination. Every year, newspapers

5 Tips To Reassess Your Car Insurance Policy

Reassessing things is a good way of knowing where you are and where you want to go. This philosophy applies in various aspects of life. It is applicable while renewing your car insurance as well. It is a known fact that car insurance is mandatory in India. Thus, you have

Do You Know These 5 Key Scooter Insurance Features?

Scooter insurance is generally perceived as a simple product with limited features. Yes, it is a simple product however, there are several features attached to it. When these features are understood, they can help you save money on insurance premium without compromising on the coverage. The Third-party Liability Insurance policy

10 Things Which Can Get You in Trouble While Riding Your Bike

Riding a two-wheeler is nothing less than performing the act of juggling in the middle of a busy road. While riding a bike, people often forget to focus on important things such as safety, documentation, etc. and end up breaking the law. To avoid this, take a look at the

Nine Favorite Cars from the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stop range 3 in our short excursion around Germany is the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. After a few high-quality time within the 2019 VW Action and a brief stint on the Nurburgring, we had a blast at the Porsche Museum. The latter changed into the first-rate, however as an

GST implementation in July may slow down automobile sales next month

GST implementation to mild income momentum throughout segmentsGST implementation to mild income momentum throughout segmentsWill result in decrease dispatches from OEMsJune seasonally weak month for auto businessesThe automobile zone saw mixed sales within the month of May. While passenger car income noticed a sturdy growth in May and -wheelers noticed