When ‘computer says no’ to your holiday plans

Nothing makes you sense as unintelligent as an IT problem. When the sage recommendation of "flip the tool off and then on again" has been executed 10 times to no avail, I'm often seething in front of a dull cell phone or frozen laptop. Unfortunately, the flip-off/turn-on approach was no

Is it dangerous for humans to depend on computers?

In the ultimate week, we've got visible the first-class and worst of computer generation. In China, Google's DeepMind synthetic intelligence software took on and beat the sector champion of the complex recreation of Go, reducing him to tears. Nineteen-yr-antique Ke Jie defined the AI computer as "perfect, ideal, without any feelings". But

Apple made a computer you can actually upgrade

Apple unveiled new iMacs and MacBooks throughout its annual WWDC keynote, which might be quicker than ever. If you’re seeking out a new macOS system, now’s the time to shop for one — even the loss of life MacBook Air were given a boost. But, it seems, Apple did not

Quantum Computers Will Analyze Every Financial Model at Once

Peter Gibbons has a stroke of genius. Confronted with the utter mundanity of an existence slaving away at his office park software business enterprise, he convinces his friends to make a PC virus to skim a fraction of a cent off transactions right into a shared financial institution account. This, of