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Coimbatore: Hi-tech gadgets used to evaluate situation of water pipelines

COIMBATORE: Suez Projects Private Limited, that is implementing the 24/7 water deliver mission within the metropolis, is the use of modern technology to assess the condition of the vintage drinking water pipelines.
“As part of the assignment, the circumstance of the existing pipelines needs to be assessed to determine whether or not to replace them. We have determined to update all the asbestos and PVC pipelines. The company is using outside acoustic situation assessment (e-pulse) and electromagnetic approach (scanner) to check the condition of steel pipelines, especially internal and outside corrosion. The technique is both non-unfavorable and non-intrusive,” an employer official said.
Of the 111km-lengthy feeder pipeline, the ones in 55km are the product of steel. “The scanner is placed at the surface of the pipeline after excavating the floor. It can experiment 360 surface of the pipe. The depth of corrosion may be assessed through this method. Sensors of the e-pulse instrument are a location along the pipelines. The excellent of the pipelines is classified using analyzing sound waves. The condition of the pipe will be checked for 50 to 2 hundred meters in a single shot. There is not any want to dig up roads to behavior this check. The check will monitor the closing lifestyles of the pipelines, structural strength and leaks,” the official explained.
The business enterprise has identified as many as 12 places throughout the 60 wards for the tests. “The check effects from those locations will screen the circumstance of 90% of pipelines. The locations had been decided on based on parameters like the age of the pipes, the circumstance of soil and stress on the pipes which includes traffic glide and water strain. We decided to test simplest at 10 locations as the 2 different locations fall under exceptionally congested regions and we do now not want to break the traffic glide. We have completed the check at six locations, and the closing might be completed inside an afternoon. While the scanner is used at 4 locations which include DB Road, KK Nagar and the organization office, e-pulse is used at Nethajipuram and

The company has diagnosed as many as 12 places across the 60 wards for the assessments. “The take a look at effects from these locations will screen the situation of 90% of pipelines. The places have been selected primarily based on parameters just like the age of the pipes, situation of soil and stress at the pipes together with traffic waft and water strain. We decided to check most effective at 10 locations as the two different places fall underneath fantastically congested regions and we do no longer want to break the site visitors flow. We have finished the take a look at six places, and the final might be finished inside a day. While the scanner is used at four places including DB Road, KK Nagar and the enterprise workplace, e-pulse is used at Nethajipuram and Varatharajapuram,” the official said.
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If they begin something like that during Chennai again the hassle of pits and pots. OmgRamaswami Narayanan
Data from the checks has been dispatched to the private company, and the officials are anticipating the report.
The generation is being used inside the united states for the primary time, the professional brought.

Coimbatore: Staff at the city airport had been these days sensitized on coping with disabled passengers with dignity, more sensitivity and making them more at ease in the course of their flight. They were knowledgeable about particular types of incapacity and the problems such humans face. One of the primary issues that otherwise abled human beings have with the airport body of workers is insensitivity while moving them from one wheelchair to another or transferring them from the bus to the front room.
Conducted by the founder of Swarga Foundation, G Swarnalatha, around a hundred and fifty airport group of workers attended the sensitization programme that changed into hung on Tuesday.
“Though the Directorate of Civil Aviation rules sincerely country that we can use our own wheelchairs till we get within the flight, none of the group of workers understand about it or permit it,” said Swarnalatha. “After we arrive in our wheelchair, they shift us to a cabin wheelchair at the same time as being transferred to the flight. Once we enter the flight, the staff ask our caregiver if we can’t manage four or five steps to our seat. Quadriplegics and paraplegics can’t stroll even some steps with the assist. They usually ask these questions in public to almost remind the character in their incapacity. They speak most effective to our caregivers and by no means to us without delay, even if we appearance young, knowledgeable and understand the neighborhood language or English.”
The importance of sporting a disabled man or woman with care and sensitivity become additionally delivered up at the meeting. “Sometimes, we are carried like baggage when moving from the departure or arrival living room to the bus. They don’t ask us if we are comfortable and regularly our body hurts. Our wheelchairs too, which can be expensive, are maltreated when checked-in,” Swarnalatha said.
The team of workers was also asked to be greater sensitivity to older children or younger humans with mental gaining knowledge of difficulties. “Once we noticed a mother of a 14-yr-vintage autistic boy conserving her son and crying at an airport. He wished assistance to use the toilet, but she could not go into the guys’ restroom and the son was no longer being allowed to apply the girls’ bathroom. So, wherein can the boy use the restroom? One of the workforces may want to offer to face in front of the women’s bathroom for a couple of minutes until the boy finishes his activity. It’s simple,” she stated.

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