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Ex-finance panel chief Kelkar for setting up ‘Niti Aayog 2.0’

Former Finance Commission chairman Vijay Kelkar has pitched for setting up of a ‘new Niti Aayog’ and giving it an obligation for allocating capital and revenue grants to the states.

Kelkar, in a paper titled ‘Towards India’s New Fiscal Federalism’, stated it’s miles appropriate that a functionally distinct entity along with the new Niti Aayog be put to use to do the process at hand associated with the structural issues including removal of local imbalances within the economy.

The eminent economist, but, introduced that he is not suggesting for a moment that the new Niti Aayog need to take the form of the vintage Planning Commission. Socialist-generation Planning Commission was replaced via assume-tank Niti Aayog on January 1, 2015, with the aid of the Modi authorities.

Kelkar argued that changing the Planning Commission, which became selling a locally balanced increase in India, by the Niti Aayog, a think tank, has decreased the government’s policy reach. “It is applicable that a functionally distinct entity which includes the brand new Niti Aayog or Niti Aayog 2.0 be positioned to use to do the activity handy related to the structural troubles along with the elimination of local imbalances in the economic system.Image result for Ex-finance panel chief Kelkar for setting up ‘Niti Aayog 2.0’

“…this will imply that the new Niti Aayog or Niti Aayog 2.Zero might be chargeable for allocating development or transformational capital or revenue grants to the states,” he said. Kelkar also recommended that in order to make the new Niti Aayog more effective, it’s miles important to make certain that the institution is on the ‘High Table’ of choice making of the government.

“This manner the vice-chairman of the new Niti Aayog will want to be a permanent invitee of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA).


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“Thus, the brand new Niti Aayog will make available to the best level of coverage making the expertise-based recommendation and provide the national and longtime attitude on the policy proposals,” he mentioned.

Kelkar, also a former finance secretary, said the new Niti Aayog want no longer be worried about the approval of the kingdom’s annual expenditure programmes. “It should alternatively try to be a suppose-tank with ‘praxis’ owning great economic muscle and commit its energies to define coherent medium and long term approach and corresponding investment assets for reworking India,” he counselled.


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Kelkar similarly talked about that in keeping with his take a look at, new Niti Aayog will yearly want the resources of round 1.5 to 2 according to cent of the GDP to provide appropriate presents to the states for mitigating the improvement imbalances. He stated that Indian economic system these days is on an increase turnpike, now not very exceptional from the increase miracles skilled via Asian tigers in addition to China in advance a long time.

“India has continually increased its growth rate over the past three decades,” Kelkar said, adding that India’s democracy has proved to be the sine qua non for efficaciously formulating key financial guidelines and accomplishing coverage reforms in a country that is so diverse.Image result for Ex-finance panel chief Kelkar for setting up ‘Niti Aayog 2.0’

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