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Fight for Jayalalithaa’s property, not legacy: Niece Deepa sits in protest outside Poes Garden

While thriller looms over who will be the inheritor of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s properties along with sprawling estates, her niece Deepa Jayakumar nowadays sat on dharna out of doors Poes Garden claiming ownership of the assets.
Deepa claims that Poes Garden is her assets via the law of inheritance. Deepa also had a heated argument with the security guards out of doors Poes Garden.
Deepa Jayakumar has been making headlines ever since the loss of life of Jayalalithaa while there was a clamor that she may be a part of politics to preserve the former AIADMK chief’s political legacy. But, Deepa has now not proven many hobbies in wearing forward the political legacy of former Tamil Nadu CM.
Sasikala, Jayalalithaa’s close aide for over decades, laid claim at the political legacy of the famous chief, who changed into lovingly addressed by her fans as Amma. Sasikala shifted into the Poes Garden bungalow of Jayalalithaa after latter’s dying.
This circulate of Sasikala regarded to settle the inheritance of Jayalalithaa’s belongings difficulty. But with Sasikala moving to jail after her conviction in a corruption case, the problem of inheritance has cropped up fresh and Deepa has made the first pass.
Earlier, Jayalalithaa’s sprawling Kodanand property became the center of controversy over its possession. While AIADMK and DMK traded accusations, the former owner of the estate – Peter Edward Jones – revealed that he changed into coerced into selling the property to Jayalalithaa.
Peter Edward Jones informed India Today that his own family was stressed by using influential persons who colluded with Sasikala and her aides.


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