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Food for thought: Helsinki woman survives on salvaged food for 20 years

Helsinki resident Jessica Suni has been a ’freegan’ for two decades, surviving on salvaged meals. A portmanteau of ’loose’ and ’vegan’, ’freegans’ rescue vegetarian food from dumpsters.

”The meals were of similar first-class to what you would find on the grocery store shelf. The promote through date may also have expired but it turned into nevertheless fit for human consumption,” she explained of her preliminary foray into food scavenging.

Story keeps after photograph

Vihanneksia leikkuulaudalla.
Image: Liisa Kallio/Yle
Suni stated she wants to minimise her ecological footprint and that ‘freeganism’ is about greater than saving grocery money. Dumpster divers are prompted by using ethical consumption, in line with Suni.

”I can’t even remember the remaining time I sold new clothes,” she said, including that she has observed well ironed and folded garb in bins.

On average, Finnish residents throw away 24 pounds of meals annually.

Reclaiming waste
”I might usually locate bananas and bread whilst foraging. There’s seasonal variation. After Christmas, shops throw out a number of ham and chocolate,” Suni described of her loot.

Today Suni doesn’t interact in numerous after-hours dumpster diving. Instead, she has made deals with local stores to provide her meals that’s on the way out.

”This money owed for about half the food I devour,” she defined.

Suni adheres to a vegan way of life but stated she continues animal products she comes throughout. ”My dog is over the moon whilst it gets a cheese or meat treat that we would in no way purchase.”

But Suni said raking via supermarkets’ trash for beneficial gadgets is becoming more and more tough as many stores now lock their dumpsters.

”I by no means used to come again domestic empty-surpassed, but that is how it’s far now,” she explained, announcing she hoped stores had been donating leftover food.Image result for Food for thought: Helsinki woman survives on salvaged food for 20 years

Deals for folks that dare
The satisfactory time to investigate trash is within the nighttime, in keeping with Suni. ”If you want to be discrete, it’s excellent to do it at night,” she said.

In all her years of reclaiming meals, Suni stated she has never fallen ill. ”If I choose something up that has long past off, I just chuck it in my biowaste.”

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