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Four real-life places that could have featured in Game of Thrones

By Filip Stojanovski and Anna Sotnikova
The 8th and very last season of HBO’s hit tv collection Game of Thrones will foremost in April 2019, so lovers around the world could be gearing up for one final dose of dynastic squabbling, political intrigue and looming supernatural doom on the fictitious continents of Westeros and Essos.
George R. R. Martin, the author of the cycle of novels on which the TV collection is based totally, took inspiration from actual historical events and places, along with the town of Venice, the in all likelihood model for Braavos, whose bay is guarded through a massive statue called the Titan of Braavos similar to the famed Colossus of Rhodes.
The lavish tv manufacturing has filmed in lots of beautiful locations during the world, and vicinity scouts could no question have visited many more. A pity they didn’t consult with us right here at Global Voices, as we have a few recommendations as well. Here they are below, better overdue than by no means.
1. Hall of Faces, Braavos (Skull Tower, Niš, Serbia)

In Game of Thrones, the Hall of Faces homes skinned faces of the dead in a grand hall within the House of Black and White, a temple inside the town of Braavos that serves as headquarters for a sect of nonsecular assassins known as the Faceless Men.
An actual-existence equivalent can be discovered in the Skull Tower within the Southern Serbian city of Niš. The structure, now placed inside the Serbian Orthodox Christian temple, turned into at the beginning erected using the Ottomans in 1809 to display the severed heads of the rebels participating inside the First Serbian Uprising.
The four. Five-meter (15 feet) tower at first contained 952 skulls embedded on 4 sides in 14 rows, but over the years many fell off and had been misplaced. Some were reclaimed through loved ones and buried, or stolen via memento hunters. Instead of serving its intended feature as a deterrent to destiny rebels, the Skull Tower has become an image of resentment towards the Ottomans, who had been sooner or later forced to leave the area in 1878.
The website online has an official repute of Monument of Culture of Extraordinary Importance and is one of the most critical traveler points of interest within the Niš vicinity, receiving tens of lots of visitors in step with 12 months.
In 2014 Mental Floss internet site featured the Skull Tower some of the top “10 buildings made with bones” from around the world.
2. Lands of Always Winter (Oymyakon, Russia)

After sundown, near Oymyakon in Yakutia. Photo with the aid of Maarten Takens, CC BY-SA. Https://www.Flickr.Com/pics/takens/8684784715/
In Game of Thrones, Lands of Always Winter is the northernmost part of the continent of Westeros, a way beyond the Wall. It is permanently locked in iciness and continuously frozen.
Discussions within the Global Voices community recognized the Oymyakon village in Russia as an area wherein one could revel in what it’d be like within the land of the Free Folk.
One of the coldest completely inhabited locales on the earth, Oymyakon is situated inside the part of Siberia known as Yakutia (officially the Sakha Republic), a period familiar to gamers of some other pop culture phenomenon, the approach board recreation Risk. The region has been marketed to worldwide vacationers as “the Pole of Cold.”
In 2017, a neighborhood Yakutian broadcaster wrote to HBO suggesting that the collection finale is filmed inside the area, which includes at Oymyakon, due to the fact “there’s no region more appropriate to show the actual winter.” The notion turned into omitted, however, and Northern Ireland and Iceland remained the final season filming locations for scenes in the north of Westeros.
Three. Blackwater Bay (The Golden Horn, Istanbul, Turkey)
In the world of Game of Thrones, Blackwater Bay is an inlet in the Narrow Sea at the seashores of eastern Westeros. King’s Landing, the capital of the empire of the Seven Kingdoms, is positioned there.
A credible real-existence stand-in for Blackwater Bay is the Golden Horn, the primary inlet of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey. In bygone days it was the principal waterway used to reach Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, later called the Byzantine Empire. The bay served as the chief base for the Byzantine army, and not like its Game of Thrones lookalike, a protracted chain across its mouth averted enemy ships from getting into and getting near the metropolis.

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