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Halal Internet? Islamic Browser Promises Better Web Experience

A Malaysian startup is making a bet that there are masses of pent-up call for a new browser that’s compliant with Islamic values, at a time of mounting issues over privacy, bias and online abuse over the internet.

Salem web, a mobile and laptop browser, is designed to deliver a Muslim-friendly internet experience. The app, which includes messaging, information and other features, has customers from specifically Malaysia and Indonesia, in keeping with Hasni Zarina Mohamed Khan, managing director at Salam Web Technologies MY Sdn.

Her purpose is to subsequently seize 10 percent of the 1.8 billion global Muslim populace. She pointed to a number of challenges facing the net, as the sector’s largest era groups from Google to Facebook Inc. Face complain about doing too little to cope with harmful content material and false statistics. Human rights institution Amnesty International checked out abusive interactions and concluded that Twitter is a “toxic area for ladies.”

“We want to make the internet a better vicinity,” Hasni Zarina stated. “We recognize the net has the best and the awful, so SalamWeb gives you a tool to create this window that lets you visit the net to look the coolest.”

Read extra approximately the concerns surrounding the influence of Big Tech.

Salem web is based on network-vetted content filters that mark web pages as suitable, impartial or beside the point, while cautioning customers after they technique websites with gambling or pornography. It additionally has Muslim-specific functions, inclusive of prayer instances and an indicator for Qibla, or the course that a Muslim must face while praying.

The merchandise is licensed compliant by using the impartial Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board and is built on the open-source Chromium software that’s the idea of the Google Chrome web browser. Shariah regulation prohibits sports considered unethical, together with playing, prostitution and alcohol- and red meat-associated companies, in addition to hobby-based totally financial merchandise.Related image

“We’re promoting familiar values — despite the fact that SalamWeb is focused on Muslims, it can be utilized by each person,” Hasni Zarina stated. “The internet can be a dangerous area. It’s apparent that we want an opportunity.”In this point in time, if an internet site’s layout is previous, it is an immediate signal to a traveller that the commercial enterprise in the back of it’s also at the back of the times. In order to improve a consumer’s effect of 1’s commercial enterprise, it’s miles vital to have an up-to-date internet site that displays Web 2.0 subject matters.

Web design encompasses greater than simply the appearance and feel of a website. It additionally involves the HTML and code that make the site appearance the way it does. Good internet design also includes search engine optimization (search engine optimization). A tourist can’t respect the aesthetics of a website in the event that they never even locate it as it’s buried too far down in a listing of seeking results.

Hiring a person or employer to lay out one’s website can fee thousands of dollars, however, it does not have to be so. Affordable internet design is not as inconceivable as the general public agrees with it is.

But first things first: the patron needs to decide what their remaining vision for the website is. The web fashion designer will need to know what components of the company to emphasize in order for the site to be as effective as viable. And having an imaginative and prescient in mind may also help the patron to pick out the proper designer for the process.

Hiring a professional layout company used to be too pricey for many agencies to find the money for, especially small agencies. But, luckily, the net layout is a famous profession desire and new companies are created each day, hungry for customers. And due to the competition that this breeds, the consumer now has the top hand due to the fact it can examine costs among one of a kind groups and negotiate the pleasant feasible deal because groups are fighting for the enterprise.Image result for Web Experience

There also are many freelance net designers searching out paintings. There are a few proficient and pretty qualified novices within the field searching out a proving floor. These talented newcomers to the sector can be willing to work at a reduced price in alternate for the enjoyment. There is a small fee of hazard due to the fact a rookie fashion designer may not have an awful lot earlier paintings to show you in an effort to base your choice on. But there are plenty of cheap veteran designers searching out work as properly.

If none of those options is in one’s price range, then one may additionally need to remember slicing positive capabilities out of the project. But the customer must be careful not to oversimplify the web site or it will run the risk of creating an amateurish web page.

A company website has to be a unique expression of the corporation. Fortunately, low-cost web design solutions are to be had to help an organization realize this goal.


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