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How to safely travel with a full Instant Pot

While the Instant Pot is awesome for cooking up scrumptious meals at domestic, it’s also a brilliant manner to put together tasty meals for social gatherings, along with potlucks. However, the quality of food at a potluck is stored heat for anyone, now not in garage packing containers wherein it ends up getting bloodless over time. But how do you do that competently with an Instant Pot? We’re going to show you how.

Products used on this guide
Amazon: Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker ($98)
Amazon: Chloe’s Home Travel Bag for Instant Pot ($36)
Amazon: Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Lid ($10)
How to securely journey with a complete Instant Pot
Please note that earlier than you do something to attempt to move the Instant Pot, make certain that it is depressurized, either via NPR (Natural Pressure Release) or QR (Quick Release). NPR is in which you go away it alone till it depressurizes in your very own, and QR is while you manually launch the stress your self. Under no occasions must you flow your Instant Pot whilst it’s nonetheless under strain. This is even said inside the guidance manual that comes together with your Instant Pot.

First, ensure that every one strain is launched from the Instant Pot earlier than you pass it. To ensure of this, take a look at the floating pin at the lid. If it is down, then all pressure is gone and you are able to pass the Instant Pot.Image result for Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo 80 pressure launch pin is up
You’ll also want to make certain that the pot is not too complete because it’ll be tougher to move a pot round when it is overflowing with hot liquid. Always understand that whilst pressure cooking, you need to by no means top off more than -thirds of the internal pot. When cooking meals that extend (grains, beans, dried veggies, etc.), do not fill the pot beyond half full.

Instant Pot Stainless Steel Insert displaying max lines 2/3 and half of
The simplest way to move a complete pot is to unplug it, take hold of it by using both side handles and then cautiously pass it to where you want it to be. NEVER elevate it via the lid manage, due to the fact it can by accident unencumber if not handled properly, and the Instant Pot and all of the contents might also spill.

Christine Chan demonstrates the way to effectively carry an Instant Pot with the handles on the perimeters
If you would like to take that full Instant Pot with you inside the automobile, you may try placing it in a seat, ensuring it is securely in the region through buckling it up with a seat belt. This may also look silly, but it will prevent the Instant Pot from shifting around while riding.
Another option whilst transferring it by using automobile is to have it at the backseat on the floor, with little room for it to slide to and fro even as you are using.
If you’re worried about spillage even as it’s on the floor of the automobile, try placing the Instant Pot in a cardboard container first, or maybe something like a cooler or family garage bin. Make certain there’s little room for movement in there too. Use a few padding (like bunches of plastic luggage, etc.) if necessary.
There is tour baggage which might be mainly designed to help you journey together with your Instant Pot and other kitchen home equipment. If you have got one of these, you may place your Instant Pot in there and use the handles to make it simpler to transport. They can be designed for empty pots although, so if it’s complete, simply be more careful transporting it round within the travel bag.

Chloe’s Home Travel Bag for Instant Pot demonstration
When you do not need to take the complete Instant Pot with you, strive to take just the internal cooking pot alternatively. Make certain that it is safe to do away with from the Instant Pot, then cover it with the respectable silicone lid for an at ease healthy. You ought to also location it in a field to hold because that pot will be warm. If you do not have the lid, you could try masking it with foil or plastic wrap and then location it right into a container, however, be extra cautious whilst transferring it around to save you spillage.
That’s all there may be to it. You can delivery the Instant Pot while it’s full of meals like you would with an ordinary sluggish cooker or some other kitchen device, however you simply need to be a bit greater cautious. The maximum essential element in which you absolutely have to depressurize the pot first earlier than moving it as it’s relatively risky to transport it whilst it’s nevertheless underneath pressure.Image result for Instant Pot

Our pinnacle gadget alternatives
Travelling with a full Instant Pot is absolutely plausible, however, you just want to be a bit greater cautious. Here’s the entirety you want to get the process accomplished.

The magical pot
Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker
The one pot to rule them all

The DUO60 is the popular version of the Instant Pot. It’s huge enough to feed up to 4 humans with lots of leftovers. It reduces kitchen litter by changing numerous kitchen home equipment straight away. And it makes cooking simpler than ever earlier than when you consider that you can just sell off to your ingredients and allow the pot to do all of the paintings!

$98 at Amazon
The Instant Pot is a wonderful kitchen equipment to have, whether or not you’re cooking for home or the subsequent large social gathering. It’s huge enough to feed masses of human beings, and it’s wonderful clean to cook with since you don’t need to babysit the meals in any respect once it’s in and cooking. Transporting its miles similar to you’ll with a gradual cooker, but with a few more precautions.

Additional Equipment
These are some non-compulsory items to help make Instant Pot transportation a piece less complicated.

Chloe’s Home Travel Bag for Instant Pot ($36 at Amazon)
This bag is specially designed for healthy Instant Pot and different kitchen home equipment. It makes travelling with them less complicated, and you could take some accessories with you.

Genuine Instant Pot Silicone Lid ($10 at Amazon)
If you simply want to take the internal pot that’s complete of food with you, rather than the complete Instant Pot itself, use this silicone lid for a tight and relaxed match. None of your pot’s contents must spill out with this in place.

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