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Is Barb Wire Fencing the Only Alternative For Protecting Your Property?

Barbed wire, also known as barb wire fencing has been one of the most common material that are usually used to protect properties and also keep animals in an enclosure. This fencing is made using wire lined with sharp burrs that are then twisted together. The sharpness of this type of fencing dissuades cattle and livestock from trying to break through. This is because if forceful contact is made with these surfaces, one is liable to snag or pierce their skin. Livestock and animals especially learn to keep their distance from barb wire fencing. Intruders and predators can also be kept out of the property by using this type of fencing.

Depending on how the fencing is structured and what kind of material is used, the barbs may be placed close to each other or they may be placed several feet apart. The barbed wire is tied and pulled tightly against the posts and then secured. This makes the fencing lines completely inflexible and therefore makes it extremely hard to cross. The fences may use one, two, or several lengths of wire in order to cross the entire barrier.

Because barbed wire fences can also cause harm to human beings, it is dangerous and time consuming to repair and maintain the upkeep of such fences. These problems make people feel that the pros of barb wire fencing are outweighed by the cons.

If you have been looking for alternatives to barb wire fencing that keep out animals in a more humane manner but can be just as effective at protecting, you should consider electric, steel or even woven wire fences. These types of boundaries can safeguard your livestock as well as property from invaders.

Today, there are several woven wire fences that are of high quality. Those that are made of high tensile wire are more likely to last longer than those made of other, more familiar types of wire fencing. Animals are also easier to contain with such fencing and will not be harmed if they make contact with the fence. Further, this type of fencing can be used to maintain a permanent or temporary boundary around whichever location you want.


Electrical fences are yet another type of protection you can look into. They can be made from wires or hidden in ropes and strands of tape. When contact is made with the wires, they send out an electric shock of low intensity. This is sufficient to keep your livestock contained as well as prevent predators and human intruders from entering. This type of fencing can also be operated on solar power, making it cheaper.

The last option on this list is steel fencing. These are quite expensive but are also extremely safe as well as durable. Steel fences are usually used in smaller areas and is commonly used to keep in horses. If this type of fencing is properly installed as well as adequately cared for, it can last for many years.

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