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Lawyers launch Sports Law book

LAWYERS Jason Haynes of Barbados and TT’s Tyrone Marcus released their new e-book, entitled Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law, on Tuesday night, on the University Inn and Conference Centre, University of the West Indies St Augustine campus.

“We had one overarching goal in thoughts, and that changed into to supply to you, our Caribbean human beings, an clean to read, effortlessly handy and definitely Caribbean-centric textual content that might inform your analysis and your appreciation of the law,” said Haynes. “We desire that, in this book, we’ve got brought in respect to this goal.”

Quoting from the 362-web page book, Haynes said, “This e-book represents our ardour for sport and the regulation and our pleasure in our unique West Indian identification. We desire that this book serves as a notably vital resource for scholars, college students and practitioners in this an increasing number of crucial issue of regulation.”

Marcus lauded the roles played by means of his own family, buddies and legal colleagues in the direction of this task.

Marcus said, “Jason and I had been operating at the same e-book, with the same identify, at the same time, unknown to one another. We both had been doing studies on the same book with the same title. I suppose it’s God that delivered us collectively and I could no longer have wanted it every other manner.”

Feature speaker at the occasion become ex-country wide soccer group goalkeeper Shaka Hislop, who mentioned the steering supplied via dad and mom in the direction of their children because the youngsters pursue their goals.Related image

“We ought to do a higher process of empowering our children once they dream big,” stated the forty nine-year-vintage, who is currently a soccer analyst at cable community ESPN.

Hislop expressed his gratitude towards Haynes and Marcus for granting him the privilege to both talks at Tuesday’s occasion, in addition, to writing the e-book’s foreword.

Also speaking at the launch become Justice Adrian Saunders, president of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Book’s Title: Lectures on Land Law
Author: Dr Mohammad Towhidul Islam
Publisher: Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)
First Published: June 2013
Price proved: 500 Taka
Pages: 546

There exists a not unusual belief in our united states of America that legal guidelines referring to land are complicated and it is an expert activity to recognize and follow the regulation. Indeed, it’s miles genuine that the method of land size machine requires expert knowledge. Moreover, gadgets to measure land are quite extraordinary and no longer widely wide-spread across the USA. On the opposite, due to the high growth of population and shortage of land, land associated disputes are multiplied daily, which possessed approximately eighty% of our total civil litigation.

However, other than those scenarios, there may be additionally real shortage of a single instructional ebook, which contains all elements of present-day land legal guidelines. Because the area of our land regulation is huge and these difficulty matters are talked in my opinion in numerous books. When I commenced my carrier at a college, I changed into assigned to behaviour lessons on land legal guidelines. I can don’t forget those days once I felt unaided due to my failure to discover a useful sole ebook on land laws. Consequently, I counselled numerous books to my students, which ultimately fall them in a worthless deep ocean, wherein they simply discovered mostly repealed, scattered, intricate and to a point valueless laws. I need to give way to Dr M Towhidul Islam, who takes initiative to rescue the students from that bottomless marine by way of his new book titled “Lectures on Land Law”.

Our customary scholastic land law books generally contain records; the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act, 1950; the Non-Agricultural & Tenancy Act, 1949; provisions of pre-emption; alluvion-diluvion, acquisition-requisition and a few another part of land law personally whilst this ebook covers advents, switch and extermination of land rights in unmarried cover. This discussed e-book introduces immutable facets of land law underneath a single shadow, which includes provisions referring to registration, easement, public demand restoration, agree with, rent, loan, transfer of immovable belongings and other inalienable materials regarding real property; though precisely. Normally we studied those subjects one after the other while global students observe this sample to take a look at actual property law everywhere in the earth.Image result for Lawyers launch Sports Law book

This distinct ebook also discusses almost all indissoluble components of land regulation i.E. Land management, agreement of Khas land, Khatiyan, mutation, land taxes and many others. Author specially formulates this ebook through his elegance lectures, which also displays in the call of his ebook. Consequently, the e-book can be more reachable for the academics and students to recognize multifaceted troubles of land regulation in smooth and sophistication friendly way. More importantly, Dr Islam launches them shape shopping for topic sensible books. Another reason behind intricacy of land law is located of obscure words and foggy languages even in Bangla books whereas Towhidul Islam constructs every sentence intelligibly. Now college students will gain dual gain from this single e-book; one is solely academic information and relaxation on is practical factors like dispute, that’s more vital for a to-be legal professional.

Lectures on Land Law is inimitable as it creates scopes for further dialogue and I agree with that the author could be capable of arising query in readers’ mind and it will help them to increase their interest to unveil the untouched corner of land control in preference to reluctance and complexity to land matters. In addition, this Asso. Prof. Of regulation additionally writes his ebook in one of this lucid way wherein his prospective readers can find a scope to suppose from practitioners’ attitude.

First bankruptcy of the cited book deals with the significance of studying land legal guidelines and introductory problems. In subsequent chapters (2-four) the writer enumerates ancient improvement, possession and land administration in Bangladesh. Chapter 5 of this e-book handles with the acquisition of Zamindary system and its impact. The subsequent following chapters (6-nine) elucidate tenancy rights, the record of rights, switch, consolidation, amalgamation & sub-department of land. Then in chapter ten & 11, Dr Islam narrates approximately registration and process of mutation. Subsequently, he inscribes about pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement and prescription in chapter 12-15 respectively. After that, in bankruptcy sixteen-18 the ebook illustrates provisions concerning acquisition & requisition of land, deserted and vested homes. Later, Towhidul explains land taxes, certificate instances and management & agreement of Khas lands in chapter 19-21. At last, in bankruptcy 22 this college member of DU articulates process of land reforms that may aid the community to make certain economic and social justice by using presenting painless and equal get entry to land and land management in Bangladesh.


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