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Life on Mars BOMBSHELL: Physicist ‘discovers proof’

Dr. John Brandenburg, an American physicist and ebook creator, believes he has determined proof of a nuclear iciness wiping out a historical Martian civilization. Speaking to Coast to Coast AM radio, the scientists argued alien life on Mars turned into cut brief through the power of the atom and the planned use of nuclear guns by using a foreign pressure. The researcher further argued humanity stood on the point of a comparable cataclysm at the height of the Cold War. In his estimate, Dr. Brandenburg said Mars became nuked into oblivion by way of nuclear gadgets detonated on the Red Planet.


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The physicist said: “The quality operating hypothesis is that Mars was like Earth and evolved an indigenous, humanoid species like us, that developed to a primitive civilization.

“It seems primitive. We don’t see any roads, airports, whatever like that.

“It appears that there has been a primitive civilization on Mars and any individual attacked them from the area because the explosions were airbursts of massive nuclear weapons.”

The extraterrestrial revelation came to the physicist at the height of the proxy Cold War with the Soviet Union, while he got here throughout atmospheric readings from Mars.

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Life on Mars: Red Planet in space
Life on Mars: A physicist claims Martians have been wiped out through nuclear bombs (Image: GETTY)
During a stint in Sandia National Laboratories, in California, Dr. Brandenburg said he found out Mars’ environment become “loaded with an unusual isotope” referred to as Xenon 129.

Mars turned into like Earth and developed an indigenous, humanoid species like us

Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist

High concentrations of radioactive Xenon are commonly related to nuclear reactors, nuclear fission and the fallout from nuclear explosions.

Dr. Brandenburg, who holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, believes Mars’ nuclear destruction become planned and meticulous.

He said: “The two regions of residual radioactivity on Mars, which are very vulnerable but they’re nevertheless easily detectable, and Thorium and Potassium are correlated with Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos, this different center of civilization.

Human observations of Mars cross all the manner lower back to an ancient generation while Egyptian astronomers determined it inside the second millennium B.C., at a time while the Pharaoh Khakhaure Senusret III dominated over this Bronze Age civilization. Since then, possibly no other planet in our Sun’s circle of relatives has intrigued our species as a great deal as Mars, likely due to the fact our collective creativeness has made this small rusty-pink international the most probable domicile of life past Earth. Mars nonetheless captivates our fantasies–and yet, outlandish tales of “little inexperienced Martian guys” might not be completely astray. In June 2018, astronomers announced that NASA’s plucky little rover Opportunity has determined new evidence preserved in Martian rocks that sings a tantalizing Sirens’ tune that the planet ought to have supported historic existence–in addition to new evidence within the Martian ecosystem that pertains to the look for present-day life at the Red Planet. While never powerful proof for the lifestyles of existence itself on Mars, those findings are a promising signal for destiny missions despatched from Earth to explore the Martian floor and subsurface.

The new findings, that include the detection of “tough” organic molecules in three-billion-yr-vintage sedimentary rocks near the Martian surface, as nicely seasonal versions in the ranges of methane in the atmosphere of Mars, are published in two separate papers in the June 8, 2018 issue of the journal Science.

A natural molecule includes carbon and hydrogen–and may also possess nitrogen and oxygen, as well as other elements. Even even though they are regularly related to life, natural molecules also can shape because of non-biologic techniques and aren’t necessarily indicators of the presence of life.Image result for Life on Mars

“With these new findings, Mars is telling us to stay the path and maintain attempting to find evidence of life. I’m assured that our ongoing and deliberate missions will liberate even greater breathtaking discoveries at the Red Planet,” Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen commented on June 7, 2018, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Press Release. Dr. Zurbuchen is companion administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The JPL is in Pasadena, California.

Dr. Jen Eigenbrode of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, who is lead writer of one of the two studies papers published in Science, cited within the same JPL Press Release that “Curiosity has not decided the supply of the natural molecules. Whether it holds a report of ancient lifestyles, become meals for life, or has existed inside the absence of lifestyles, organic be counted in Martian materials holds chemical clues to planetary situations and tactics.”

In February 2018, Opportunity witnessed its five, 000th Martian dawn. A Martian day, called a sol, is about forty mins longer than a day on Earth, and 12 months on Mars is equal to almost Earth-years. Opportunity landed on the Red Planet January 25, 2004, Universal Time (UT), and it’s number one undertaking was planned to ultimate approximately 90 sols–but, it greatly surpassed expectancies. Indeed, NASA scientists did no longer anticipate this amazingly sturdy little rover to last via one entire, bitterly bloodless, Martian wintry weather–let alone last for longer than five,000 Martian dawns.Image result for Life on Mars

Singing A Sweet Sirens’ Song Since The Bronze Age

In addition to Bronze Age Egyptian astronomers, Mars changed into detected with the aid of observers living in other civilizations throughout the historical global. For example, Chinese documents recording the movements of Mars seemed earlier than the founding of the Zhou Dynasty (1045 B.C.). More precise observations of the Red Planet had been conducted with the aid of Babylonian astronomers who developed arithmetic techniques so one can expect the destiny positions of the planet.

Ancient Greek philosophers, as well as Hellenistic astronomers, devised a geocentric version of their efforts to give an explanation for the Red Planet’s motions. Measurements of Mars’ angular diameter had been recorded in historical Greek and Indian documents. In the sixteenth century, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) proposed his heliocentric version for our Solar System wherein the planets journey circular orbits around our Star, the Sun. This was later revised via Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), who proposed an elliptic orbit for Mars that more correctly fit observations.



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