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London Bridge attack: Spain honours ‘skateboarding hero’

Spanish skateboarder Ignacio Echeverría, who died from Saturday’s terror assaults in London, has been posthumously offered one among Spain’s maximum honors.
The country’s government has deemed him worthy of the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit for his bravery.
Echeverría reportedly attempted to combat off the terrorists together with his skateboard to save a stabbed girl.
He has become considered one of eight victims of the attack on the London Bridge location.
Earlier in the week, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy praised his “heroic and exemplary act” and recommended that he receive the award.
The overseas ministry in Madrid stated: “His bravery in status up for a defenseless man or woman is a reminder of the want to stay united within the face of the scourge of terrorism.”

On Saturday night time, Echeverría, 39, changed into passing thru Borough Market after an evening skateboarding with friends close by.
Guillermo Sánchez, a pal who was with him at the time, advised El País newspaper that they were in their manner to dinner once they saw a man on the street and assumed that they had stumbled into a drunken brawl.
They then noticed a police officer fall to the floor and a girl being assaulted.
“I’m focusing on her after which, suddenly, I see that Ignacio’s there, starting to hit [the attackers] along with his skateboard,” Sánchez informed the paper.
Shortly afterward, Echeverría was attacked himself and he changed into final visible lying on the floor, the family said.
His friends managed to break out.
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His demise become showed on Wednesday after his circle of relatives had waited numerous days for information.
On Thursday, Las Rozas, his homeland on the outskirts of Madrid, held a vigil in his honor, which became attended by using heaps.

Echevarría worked for the HSBC financial institution in London, as a part of their team fighting cash laundering.
His body is because of arriving in Madrid on Saturday, stated Spanish information company EFE.
The equal Spanish nation aircraft can even deliver a number of Echevarría’s household.


The British ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, and Spain’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Cristóbal González-Aller, will meet the aircraft when it arrives.

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