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Major Categories of Retail Lighting

Retail lighting is an imperative part of the store’s appeal and has the potential to enhance the functionality of the allocated physical space to an immeasurable degree. When done right, it could add to the optimal practicality of your retail store and help you attract your crowd more efficiently.

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To understand the expanse of retail lighting, we must first catalogue it into four broad categories. They would be general (or ambient) lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and finally, decorative lighting.

Amongst the bulbs, we would have varying options like fluorescent, halogen, and LEDs. Before you invest in the lights for your retail store, you must meticulously follow a comprehensive guideline that demarcates the major points regarding lighting, bulbs, and fixtures that would need to be taken care of to ensure a successful outcome for the project at hand.

Moreover, you can easily go wrong with your lighting if you are not conscientious of these guidelines, to begin with. This would have the capacity to mar the sales in your retail store and result in the incurrence of loss.

Thereby, listed below are a few pointers that will help you know more about the four broad categories of lights that will help you in making a more informed decision in this area.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is usually employed to illuminate specific, designated areas that highlight particular portions of displays and decor. This is a clever method to attract attention to an area in the overall space using the model of spotlighting to emphasize a particular object. This could be administered in the areas of shelving and nook displays, parts of windows, certain walls, or a corner of the store, for instance. This has proven to work very efficiently to attract customers to those areas, thereby facilitating sales. This can also work to assist in making your customers notice the featured items or objects placed in certain parts of the store.

In the context of decoration, accent lighting can be employed behind or inside cases or display racks to embellish a distinct part of your retail store.

Task Lighting
Task lighting is generally utilized to brighten up the areas that need maximum attention but which are deficient in lighting. These areas would be inclusive of store checkout counters, dressing rooms, customer service and helpdesks, and back office and other such areas which would profit from a strategic task-specific lighting project.

Decorative Lighting
Decorative retail lighting, as the name suggests, is maneuvered to add decoration to the existing space of the retail store. It can be materialized by the use of fixtures to structure a particular aesthetic that is in congruence with the general decor of the store. Some of the common elements of decorative lighting are chandeliers, sets of pendant lights, or sleek track systems. Decorative lights can be used as an alternative to the traditional task or ambient lighting if need be.

General (or Ambient) Lighting

This comprises the main source of the entirety of the retail space. Ambient lights can be used to balance and fill up the so-called “gaps” that are created with the use of decorative, task, and accent lighting. A calculated usage of ambient lighting can ease the customer’s mind and make them more comfortable in the shopping space and make the overall decor more inviting.

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