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My life as a student in Qatar

Seven years ago, I left the United States and moved to Dubai, wherein I went to high school and graduated with an American degree. Now I visit the college in Qatar, at Northwestern University’s branch campus.

It’s an uncertain time to be living here. Along with the other college students at my faculty, I recognize that borders are being closed, airlines are rerouting flights, stock indexes are converting, troops are being deployed and global leaders are speaking about what to do next. But what I don’t know is that if my pals can visit their circle of relatives participants in Saudi Arabia over summer smash. I don’t know whether there will stay meat to be had on the supermarket. I don’t know if I ought to take a seat at home and examine the information all day or overlook about it and pass about my daily life.

The actions taken by way of several Arab states in the direction of Qatar have political implications, but thus far, for the individuals I know who reside here, it appears the social repercussions have weighed on them extra. Many of us are uncertain of what to do or what to expect. It’s now not our fault although, due to the fact the modern-day focus is on terrorism and oil expenses, now not on us. And the effect it has had on college students is essential.

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There are a number of college students in Qatar — a few from the US, some nearby, a few from all around the global. I live in Education City, an educational hub in Doha wherein five other American university campuses live, which include Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Carnegie-Mellon University, Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell’s Medical College and Virginia Commonwealth University.

The assertion of Arab countries reducing ties with Qatar got here in the course of our final week of summer season courses. At the begin, we had been both panicked and curious approximately whether or not the changes could have an effect on us. But as days went by means of, maximum folks grew much less paranoid. However, for a few college students the concern hasn’t worn off, due to the fact the reduce ties will have an effect on them in concrete methods.



One student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar informed me she changed into presupposed to fly home to Egypt after her summer course finished. But she canceled her flight in fear that if she left, she wouldn’t allow lower back into u. S . To complete her research. At the moment, she is awaiting the warfare to settle down before identifying what to do subsequent.
“It’s tough because I don’t know if I must go away or stay,” she instructed me. “For now, I’m staying, which isn’t that incredible, because my summer time course is over and (summer season) wreck has commenced, so I have to be with my own family. If (the conflict) keeps, I can be spending the rest of the three-month spoil by myself right here in Qatar and without my family in Egypt.”


On Monday morning, while the information, first of all, got here out, a fellow scholar at Northwestern got a call from his mom who urged him to stock up on groceries and get a few coins. He controlled to choose up a previous couple of bottles of milk left at the grocery shop cabinets. Then he quickly got the cash earlier than the bank closed for iftar, while Muslims destroy their fast and have dinner throughout the month of Ramadan. Afterward, he spent the night distracting his mother from looking the information to calm her down.
“My mom’s been in wars earlier than right here (within the Middle East),” he stated, relating to the Iran-Iraq War in the Eighties. “This sincere types of reminiscent of that for her, so I attempt to get her thoughts off of it through talking about something else or changing the channel (on TV). She’s involved that the crisis may additionally boost and she or he’ll begin seeing troops within the streets. If that does happen, I think we may additionally go away.”
In elegance, a Northwestern student who’s from Qatar tells me he could not stay targeted on his finals. Instead, he turned into busy frantically fresh his Twitter feed to examine the contemporary updates from the dispute. As he scrolled thru the headlines, he grew extra concerned approximately the destiny of his united states.

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