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Nine Favorite Cars from the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stop range 3 in our short excursion around Germany is the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. After a few high-quality time within the 2019 VW Action and a brief stint on the Nurburgring, we had a blast at the Porsche Museum. The latter changed into the first-rate, however as an alternative intimate in length. The Mercedes-Benz Museum couldn’t be greater one-of-a-kind – it’s large, towering assemble packed to the gills with the first-rate 4-wheeled items to wear the tri-pointed big name. Here are our favorites.

1955 Mercedes-Benz Rennwagen-Schnelltransporter

Looking at historical race pics, it’s obvious that antique race shipping trucks had been almost cooler than the race cars they carried. Ferrari and Scarab used hollowed-out, bus-style trucks, even as the ’60s drag racers were the usage of rigs with inclined ramps to travel their Mustangs and Camaros.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz did it in fashion. During the ‘50s, Merc’s racing team designed this fabulously elegant three hundred-primarily based flatbed transporter for its numerous race vehicles. It changed into powered via a three.0-liter inline-six that driven out around 200 hp. This, combined with an extraordinarily slippery profile, allowed the Schnelltransporter to cruise on the Autobahn at 106 mph.

The name’s pretty the mouthful, however, you possibly know this good-looking open-wheeler as virtually the SSK. Perhaps no other pre-battle sporting, avenue-going Merc represents the marquee’s relentless efforts in the direction of motorsports and sports prowess because of the SSK.


It cuts a dramatic discern, with its thin fuselage and function angled front grille. This becomes advanced especially for hill climb dominance, particularly with its 220-hp, supercharged inline-six.

Before Pope Francis’ moves toward austerity and his eschewing of beyond Pope’s lavish life, the Popemobiles had been costly affairs. And, within the case of this Geländewagen, also exciting to take a look at.

Somehow, we’ve problem picturing any pope ensconced above the competitive mug of the G-Wagen. This changed into particularly built for Pope John Paul II for his visit to Germany and became revised in 1981 to incorporate projectile protection.

We have to admit – it’s pretty prescient to look gold adornment on an early G-Wagen, in particular, thinking about the truck’s modern-day baller fame.

It doesn’t get higher than this, as ways as vintage Mercedes move. Think of the Uhlenhaut Coupe as a mix of the 300SL “Gullwing” coupe and the dominant 300 SLR roadster race car. After development stalled on a race SLR coupe, Mercedes Motorsports head Rudolf Uhlenhaut requisitioned one of the test mules for non-public use.

What resulted turned into a protracted, lithe gullwing coupe packing the chassis and mechanical bits from the SLR race car. This blanketed the 3.Zero-liter inline-eight engine putting down 310 hp. In a technology where most motors struggled to move plenty faster than one hundred mph, the Uhlenhaut Coupe becomes brutally speedy, able to blitzing a hundred and eighty mph.

Let’s gradual it down for this Benz. Surrounded by using glossy S-Class’, shouty AMGs, and the automaker’s cutting-edge dominance in Formula 1, it’s smooth to forget a huge portion of the emblem’s success comes from its commercial endeavors.

Here’s an example of what mobilized lots of commercial Europe for the duration of the pre-battle era. This cargo truck turned into utilized by all manner of business for hauling and was capable of handling up to 20,000 kilos of payload in a few double-axle models.

This L6500 packs a whopping 12.5-liter six-cylinder diesel engine, putting out in the front of the forward axle. With this powertrain, this changed into capable of transporting up to fourteen,000 kilos of payload.

Despite a strong platform, Mercedes’ didn’t take the R107 SL racing very often. This is one of the rare moments of SLC opposition in the shape of an extended-distance rally automobile.

This unique 500 SLC beaten three,315 miles in the African Bandama Rally down the Ivory Coast. After a 1-2 end, Mercedes ceased its rallying efforts.

It’s difficult to believe that at one point in records, two hundred hp become visible as a monumental quantity of power. With a huge thirteen.1-liter 4-cylinder pushing out 2 hundred hp, this white behemoth became the first European vehicle to reach the a hundred twenty-five mph mark, occurring to hit 142 mph on Daytona Beach in 1911.

Oh, what could have been. This voluptuous silver missile is the amazing T80, a stillborn land speed report vehicle evolved by using Ferdinand Porsche for Mercedes-Benz.

The effort became formally sanctioned by way of Adolf Hitler himself, who expected the T80 as an example of German dominance. Racer Hans Stuck turned into to pressure the auto on the report putting try, first of all, predicted at 342 mph. Eventually, the expected pace cap changed into raised to 373 mph, after which to a breathtaking 470 mph file.

The record automobile becomes powered via a large 44.Five-liter (you study that effectively) Daimler-Benz DB603 V-12 lifted from Daimler’s aeronautics division. The V-12 turned into strangely inverted, returning a stunning 3,000 hp.

World War II broke out as the mission was nearing of entirety, and the T80 became crammed in an Austrian storage. After the war, it was delivered to the Mercedes-Benz museum, where it stays on everlasting display. Mercedes ought to conceivably resurrect the auto, but bringing a Nazi-sanctioned space mission to life is likely low at the automaker’s priority listing.

Automobile Dealerships – Valuing Blue Sky

Blue Sky is the intrinsic cost of an automobile dealership, over and above the price of its tangible belongings. It is once in a while equated to the goodwill of an automobile dealership.

Most articles regarding the blue sky value of new car dealerships cite a more than one of income formulation, including three times earnings, 4 instances profits, and so on. The concept that “blue-sky” can be decided by means of whatever times whatever is simply plain wrong.

Even NADA the National Automobile Dealers Association in its book entitled “A Dealer Guide to Valuing an Automobile Dealership, NADA June 1995, Revised July 2000 bemuses, in element, with respect to valuing a dealership by using the usage of a more than one of income: A Rule of Thumb valuation is greater properly referred to as a “more idiot principle.” “It is not valuation idea, however.”

In its Update 2004, NADA disregarded its reference to “fool”, but stated the more than one system as hardly ever based upon sound financial or valuation principle, and went on to kingdom: “If you are a dealer and the guideline of thumb produces a high cost, then this is not a depend of outstanding concern. Go for it, and maybe someone may be stupid enough to pay you a completely excessive fee.”

A dealership’s blue sky is primarily based upon what a client thinks it could produce in internet earnings. If ability consumers think it can not produce an income, the store will not promote. If it is able to produce an income, then variables inclusive of desirability of vicinity, the balance the logo will carry to different existing franchises owned, whether or not or no longer the factory will require facility improvements, and so forth and so on, determine whether or now not a purchaser will buy that precise brand, in that particular place, at that particular time.


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