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Options for iphone cracked screen repair

Everyone loves their iphones. It takes our breath away when we see our beloved iphone with a cracked or a broken screen. Even those on social media have seen a number of status updates where individuals moan the loss of their iphone screen. Screen damage is common and so having a range of repair options available is wise. The options are-

When the phone is under warranty

Unfortunately, the standard warranty that comes with iphone doesn’t cover accidental damage, which means that a cracked screen isn’t something that can be fixed for free. But this doesn’t mean that you should immediately rush to the nearest cheap repair store. One of the most crucial terms of iphone warranty is that, if iphone is opened by anyone that is not apple-authorized tech, then the entire warranty is automatically void. Majority of the cheap repair stores are not apple authorized, so saving money with them can make you lose your warranty.


First thing that you should do in this case is to find out whether your iphone is under warranty, and if it is then you should get immediate help by an apple authorized technician.

If you have AppleCare

Those people who have opted for extended applecare warranty while buying the iphone face similar situation. Only authorized teams have the authority to repair the screens, however in some cases those with applecare will be able to get their screen repaired via them, but it is not a free service. The fee charged by them is higher than the experienced non-apple repair team would charge. High fee shouldn’t dissuade you from going directly to the apple store.

If you have iphone insurance

If you have purchased iphone insurance through your phone company or on your own, you should check with your insurance company to understand their policies around the phone screen repair. Most iphone insurance covers accidental damage. Depending on the type of your policy, you may have to pay deductible and a repair fee, but it will anytime cost less than replacing iphone entirely.

If you do have iphone insurance, though, make sure to get all the facts and fees before committing to using your insurance.

Out of warranty and no insurance

It is said that those who are out of insurance and without any warranty are in the best position to get their iphones cracked screen repaired. It is so because the owners have a choice to decide who repairs the screen and shop around for a best price. Online reviews are of great help in deciding the quality and efficiency of a repair shop. Taking in or posting your damaged phone to be replaced by a mobile phone repair expert often works cheaper by far that using an apple repair team and most definitely is cheaper than replacing the phone altogether.

If you’re eligible for an upgrade

If you have had your iphone for more than 2 years, or would consider switching to a new phone company, you are likely eligible for a discounted upgrade to one of the new models. A cracked screen might be a great motivator for an upgrade.

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