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PCF and New PSA Featured on TODAY

Look ma, we’re on TV! This Friday, January twenty-fifth, 2019, PCF became featured on TODAY. Why you ask? Well, it’s not just because we’re the arena’s leading prostate most cancers studies agency or that we’re celebrating 25 years of saving men’s’ lives. Okay, okay, we’ll stop bragging. The reality is: we’re travelling TODAY due to the fact we want to ensure men from all across the country are reminded to get screened for prostate cancer.

We realize prostate most cancers screening isn’t any man’s preferred subject matter so we teamed up with TODAY to create a public provider statement that proves to men there are… worse matters. So, get ready to look at Al Roker and Craig Melvin at the small display all month long as we work together to educate guys and their households at the importance of prostate cancer screening.

For cutting-edge prostate cancer sufferers, we also have interesting information to proportion –– the release of PCF’s 2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Guide, which is available for FREE at pcf.Org. If you have got a previous version of the Prostate Cancer Patient Guide, we still strongly encourage you to check out the 2019 edition. Within this year’s version, you’ll discover the most updated statistics on prostate cancer treatments, medical breakthroughs, and studies discoveries.

Here on the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we’re always here for you. What’s maximum interesting approximately this segment and public service statement is all of the new eyes and ears who will track in and get these life-saving statistics. Thank you fascinated about your continuous guide as we push for treatment so that no more guys will die of prostate cancer.

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Among the portable model of AVCOM spectrum analyzers include the PSA-37D model. This version is dedicated for satellite tv for pc and CATV industries and it can cover the 1 MHz – four.2 GHz frequency range.

Among its different capabilities encompass precision rotary encoder tuning, impartial span and determination BW and readout Ku Band offsets. Meanwhile, the portable PSA-39B is used for satellite tv for pc and satellite tv for pc HDTV. This version is devoted at the L band 950-2150 MHz and presentations L, C, Ku frequencies best. The unit has much less than -ninety dBm sensitivity and is ready with 5 resolution B/W’s that range from three MHz to 75 KHz.

AVCOM’s rack mount spectrum analyzers vary from satellite vehicles and uplinks to remote spectrum video display units and offsite satellite tv for pc communications. For the latter one, AVCOM gives the RSA-45fDE version. This one has 950-2150 MHz L-Band dual satellite tv for pc abilities and has resolution bandwidth screen recollections. With the right AVCOM NCSA software program, you could faraway screen the measurements thru your personal pc. Other rack hooked up analyzers encompass the MSA-4570D and the MSA-45D models. Both fashions contain a 950-2150 MHz spectrum analyzer, use twin resolution bandwidth and have 50 user memory displays each. The best distinction is the MSA-45D’s 50-200 MHz spectrum monitor. Both fashions are well known in width and have the 19″ rack mount.Image result for PCF and New PSA Featured on TODAY

For CATV analysis, the PSA-37XP with its independent span and resolution bandwidth can be enough. The PSA-37XP is capable of cover the whole CATV frequency range clean with its 1 to 1100 MHz insurance. Moreover, the version is equipped with the satellite L band from 950 to 2150 MHz which has an immediate variety of as much as four.2 GHz. The PSA-37XP is terrific for trying out and setting head-cease stages because of the abilities of the unit to accomplish as an awful lot as ± 2 dB amplitude accuracy. Also, this AVCOM unit is geared up with an integrated Li-Ion battery per cent. With the built-in charger, you could charge the unit and work properly on the antenna website online. You have freedom of movement because you now not need an extension wire due to the internal electricity supply.

There are also two extra spectrum analyzers that you honestly need to observe. These are the Avcom PSA-65C has an introduced lightweight backup gadget which guarantees prolonged utilization. The different one is the Avcom PSR-3000 video surveillance receiver which is frequently used to locate hidden microwave video transmitters.


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