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Reading’s Annual Automobile Exhibition was perfect for industry eager to make cars

Reading vehicle dealers had their automobiles revving complete speed while the eight-day-long Third Annual Automobile Exhibition opened in the Bechtel Building at Fourth and Penn streets on Feb. 22, 1919, a hundred years in the past next month.

World War I had ended 3 months in advance, and manufacturers and dealers were gearing up for returning infantrymen.

“From four years of world-shattering struggle, with its consequent monetary and monetary screw-ups, the motor automobile emerges larger, stronger, more useful and greater liked than ever before,” said a show commercial inside the Reading Times on Feb. 24, 1919. “It comes now to the world in all its glory, with all of the people bowing in acknowledgement to its achievements.”

The car industry contributed extra than $600 million in munitions to the conflict effort and was eager to get back to making vehicles.

A shortage of seven-hundred,000 units became forecast, by and large, due to shortages of metallic and manpower during the warfare.

The conflict had an advantageous impact on the improvement of the truck, the enterprise suggested.

French generals credited the flexibility of vans in handing over substances and munitions to the battlefield with gambling a critical position in prevailing the warfare.

Schwartz Motor Truck Co., which constructed vans at Pearl and Chestnut streets in Reading, promised better provider and a complete line of elements in a Times ad.

Industry improvement

The Reading display committee meditated the broad development of the enterprise in Berks County.Related image

H.O. Keller of Reading Automobile Co. Changed into the president. Others included H. B. Schwartz of Schwartz Motor Co., A. N. Kline of Studebaker Co., H. G. Lutz of Fisk Tires and W. J. Memmert of Taylor Motor Garage Co.

America became undergoing important social and cultural trade in publish-World War I.

Women, who would benefit the proper to vote with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in August 1920, have been at the back of the guidance wheel in increasing numbers in 1919.

“Men need to force automobiles constructed for girls,” a Times tale said. “Men’s pretence that the motor vehicle is a tricky piece of equipment that a trifling female’s untechnical mind can’t understand is gone for all time.”

Cars exhibited at the Reading show pondered the broader social change. They had been more elegant, effective and inexpensive.

The Chandler, available at J. Miller Kalbach Co. In Reading, presented six body patterns ranging in charge from $1,795 to $three,1/2.

“Gracefully designed, wonderfully furnished and upholstered, roomy and cosy, it’s miles an automobile of terrific refinement,” its ad bragged.

Converted into headquarters

Overland Harper Co had taken over the former Rajah Temple within the 500 blocks of Franklin Street and transformed it into headquarters on the market of the Overland and Willys-Knight motor cars.

The Daniels eight, built in Reading and offered through Reading Automobile Co., turned into featured at the show. Characterized as a distinguished luxury vehicle with “a little more power than you’ll ever want,” it was the brainchild of George E. Daniels. He might become the first president of General Motors and preferred manager of Oakland and Locomobile motors.

The Standard eight Hupmobile, available at C.C. Snyder in Reading, bragged that its two-speed sliding gear transmission could supply “no transferring of gears in visitors or on hills.” Built with Standard Steel, is bought at a “terrific” price of $2,750.Image result for Annual Automobile

Barbey Automobile Co. At Third and Spruce, “the carrier station with a sense of right and wrong,” bought Exide batteries that have been a well-known device in Cadillac, Pierce-Arrow, Hudson and Buick autos.

Heydt Motor Car Co. Could exhibit Hudson and Essex automobiles, visible in Reading for the primary time.

The 35 automobile and eleven truck fashions, which had a financial system to luxury fee tags, had been illuminated by massive pink, white and blue electric powered globes. The call of every automobile became displayed on the globe. The Specht Orchestra and Dusenberry’s Jazz Band supplied entertainment to the lots who visited the show.

The Reading Automobile Dealers Association, show sponsors, stated it reflected all that had been learned in vehicle constructing to this point.

“The Reading display displays what has been achieved,” an affiliation advert in the Times stated, “notwithstanding the fact that the resources of the automobile industry were diverted within the previous few years to help to triumph the war.”

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