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The Best Vitamins for Beauty and Skincare

There’s no denying it: Almost everyone is obsessing about their skin and the care it receives. Many today are either mastering the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine or intensely searching for the best products online. While these are wonderful ways to take care of your skin, have you thought about adding vitamins to your skincare arsenal?

Vitamins are truly essential for our health, which is why it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that many of them help our skin shine. Here are the top 5 vitamins you need to know:

B-Complex Vitamins

Credit: Urang

Vitamin B is a true powerhouse of a nutrient, as its different classes can do wonders for your skin. While almost all of them can beautify your skin, we’ve rounded up the top 3. Vitamin B3 could be the answer to finding the fountain of youth, as its remarkably restorative properties can reduce signs of ageing, such as discolouration and fine lines. Meanwhile, Vitamin B5 helps keep the skin very hydrated. Lastly, Vitamin B12 regulates the skin’s production of pigmentation, and it also decreases inflammation. You can begin incorporating B-complex vitamins into your skincare routine with Urang Pink Everlasting Ampoule, since its sweet cotton scent stems from Vitamin B12.

Vitamin A

Credit: NeoStrata

Retinol, a pure type of Vitamin A, is all the rage in the world of skincare. Why? Since it’s an antioxidant, it shields the skin from harmful free radicals, which can cause serious skin damage like the loss of collagen. No wonder Marie Claire highly approves of a retinol cream like NeoStrata Active Retinol Plus NAG Complex for clearer-looking skin. This is a lovely example of a good retinol product, since it contains the active moisturising ingredient, hyaluronic acid. When you apply retinol, you can expect the skin to be smoother, tighter, and have smaller pores as well. Smaller pores are vital for blocking the appearance of breakouts on your face.

Vitamin C

Credit: Glamour

Vitamin C is certainly a star ingredient in skincare products — and with good reason, since it has a laundry list of benefits for your skin. As it is also an antioxidant, Vitamin C not only protects your skin against those pesky free radicals, but it also guards it against hyperpigmentation, which is one of the biggest causes of dark spots. What’s more, Vitamin C increases the skin’s collagen production, fights off fine lines, and of course, brightens your overall complexion. Using a Vitamin C serum like this one from Mario Badescu will give you the glowing skin that you deserve.

Vitamin E

Credit: AR

Vitamin E is an effective weapon against things that can damage the skin. As an antioxidant, it protects your skin from various environmental stressors while boosting collagen production. Plus, it ensures that the lipids in your skin are strong, so its protective barrier remains fortified. All this is why Pretty Me’s review of the popular AR Vitamin E Cream lists down a variety of skincare benefits — from reducing scars and dark spots, to fighting wrinkles and acne. Be sure to place it in your nighttime regimen, as its thick texture calls for longer hours for your skin to fully take in benefits.

Vitamin K

Credit: Omorovicza

Although not as popular as the aforementioned other vitamins, Vitamin K is a key nutrient for keeping your skin looking fresh. Overall, it helps nourish the body by coagulating the blood. Without this process, many parts of the body will not heal properly. This translates to healthy and protected skin, as it treats blemishes like redness, scars, and dark circles. Vitamin K can be your skin’s superhero since we all know that those circles under our eyes can be rather stubborn. Luckily, Elle editors have found the Vitamin K-packed Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream to be one of the most reliable creams for revitalising the area under your eyes.

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