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Tips And Tricks to Get The Best Portable Vaporizer Session

If the first time you ever tried vaporizing technology for cannabis was with a Volcano or something similarly intensive, nobody could blame you for being underwhelmed when you tried a portable one for the first time. Even the very best portable vaporizer will always pale in comparison no matter what to the desktop giants, but that’s no reason to totally disregard the wonders for your health that the switch from smoking can do for you. At the very least it’s a good idea to look into what kind of vaporizer is best for you even if you tried a friend’s and didn’t like it. There’s a lot of things that can be different from one vaporizer to another from the material of the heating chamber, to the method of heating itself. Conduction and convection for example are the two main methods of heating dry herb in a vape and each of these has certain pros and cons to it that will appeal to people with different preferences. This article will give you a few tips to really get the best portable vaporizer experience you can get.
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First step is do your damn research, like I said. Getting to learn how these things work and what you prefer is key. You might not have enough friends around you that dabble in the vaping cannabis world but if that’s the case, rest assured that there are tons of dedicated and independent youtubers committed to bringing that kind of information to you. Lots of diligent reviewers provide you with everything you could possibly need to know, right down to vivid descriptions of what the vapor tastes like relative to others.

When you do finally get a vape, you’re going to want to clean it regularly. Regularly might mean something different for everyone depending on the frequency of use, but just keep an eye on how gunky the chamber gets and try to get it cleaned up before it looks awful whether that’s every few days or every few weeks. A clean vape makes a huge difference in the flavor of the vapor and also makes your hardware last longer and reduces the potential for any complications.

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