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Tips for Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor/Consultant

Every home, be it a newly built one, or a long standing one, is exposed to the presence of mold. No matter what you do to keep away the molds from your home, it just doesn’t go away. The mold is a type of a microorganism of the fungus family which generally grows on carpet, walls, floors, fabrics and furniture’s. Now, exposure to the availability of fungus in your home, may cause health problems, even if you are a perfectly healthy person. In fact, not only to a person’s body, it may also cause problems in the structure of a building, and sometimes lead to damage of the entire building.

Molds are often symptoms of bigger problems relating to inadequate ventilation and moisture buildup. Generally, you don’t need to check for molds in your house, since, the moment you smell molds or see mold in a corner of your house, it means that you do have a mold problem.

Now, if you have realized that you have a mold problem, make sure that it is addressed to as soon as possible. To check for and solve the problem of mold growth in your home, it is essential that you call upon a Mold Remediation contractor, who will check for molds in your home, and will take requisite action to prevent mold growths in the future. In this article, we will talk about some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while you are out there, looking to hire a contractor for mold remediation.

Get More than One Estimate

When you are looking for a mold contractor, make sure that you at least take quotes from two or more contractors. Ask your neighbors and colleagues for recommendations. Search on the internet for mold contractors near you. Once you have got names of 5-6 contractors near you, call them and ask for quotes. If they offer to visit your home, and offer you a free quote, invite them over and have them look at the imminent problem.

Ask for Names of Past Customers

Once you have shortlisted a few contractors based on their quote, you must call them up and ask for names and numbers of some of their previous clients, so that you may get a clearer picture of the services they offer and how good are they actually. A contractor may claim a lot of things, but you as a home-owner should reverify them.

Have a Thorough Paperwork

Sometimes, dubious contractors have a different quote for you, while when you hire them they start adding extra charges for every other thing that they do. Therefore, gone are the days where you can trust on contractors based on verbal communication. You should have a broad understanding of what the contractors would do, and what each of those services cost for you.


Since, mold contractors will have access to your home, you must check that if the contractors have the specified certification or not. Most of the mold remediation contractors should have a IICRC certification, which is essential for every entity working in the cleaning and restoration industry.

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