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LAST WEEK WAS great and quiet. Well, satisfactory and quiet in case you forget about President Trump’s guide Roger Stone being arrested and indicted, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort being ordered to appear in court to face prices of lying to federal authorities, and everything happening in Venezuela. Oh, and Facebook being profitable off of children and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey blaming Twitter users for now not reporting Nazis sufficient. OK, so perhaps it wasn’t a quiet week. It becomes so noisy, in reality, you may have ignored a few things. Catch up here.

They Don’t Really Care About Us
What Happened: Despite all of the hand-wringing, there is a very good threat many in strength inside the US government aren’t too touchy to those tormented by the government shutdown. Or, at least, it truly is how it regarded based on some comments out of the Trump administration final week.

What Really Happened: The US spent a maximum of final week nevertheless within the throes of a governmental shutdown fueled with the aid of an administration headed with the aid of human beings frequently taken into consideration too rich to understand the value of residing for most Americans. (Remember the time President Trump regarded to suggest that ID turned into required to buy groceries?) Last week, that out-of-contact-ness sincerely hit domestically.

Take Lara Trump’s feedback early inside the week, in which the wife of Eric Trump replied to the notion that the shutdown hurts federal employees by way of announcing, “this so much larger than any one person. It is a tough little bit of pain, but it’s going to be for the future of our country and their youngsters and their grandchildren and generations after with a purpose to thank them for their sacrifice proper now.”

To say that her comments weren’t well-acquired might be a real understatement.

Jeremy Newberger

LARA TRUMP: I recognise this shutdown is a piece of a pain for you Federal Workers, but it’s an essential sacrifice. Like the time Eric and I could not paint the bowling alley in our Montauk residence due to the fact the wind became blowing the fumes back into our ostrich pen.Image result for THE INTERNET WATCHES

9:12 AM – Jan 23, 2019
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Lashawn Thompson
“It is a little bit of ache however it’s going to be for the destiny of our we of a, and their kids and their grandchildren and generations after them will thank them for their sacrifice,” she said. “Right now, I know it’s tough.” Lara Trump’s comments.

11:17 AM – Jan 24, 2019
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John Fugelsang

Lara Trump wishes the 800,000 suffering government employees to realize she did now not imply to mention anything remotely insensitive, and can the percentages be ever to your favour.

three:04 AM – Jan 24, 2019
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Born Miserable
BREAKING: Lara Trump Pulls Plug From Ailing Patient at Hospital, Says “Thank You For Your Sacrifice”

10:46 PM – Jan 23, 2019
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Later, Lara Trump might blame the media for misreporting her phrases. Still, surely that is a one-off factor and wouldn’t be repeated by way of some other man or woman linked to the administration this week or something.

Roland Scahill

Lara Trump: I’m going to have the maximum out of contact take concerning federal workers this week

Wilbur Ross: Hold my Dom Pérignon

8:57 PM – Jan 24, 2019
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Ah yes, trade secretary Wilbur Ross. Wonder what he had to mention about the whole lot?

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Asked about reports that federal workers are going to homeless shelters to get meals amid the shutdown, Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross says he would not “quite recognize why” because their backpay is “in effect, federally assured” and they ought to “be capable of getting a loan towards it”

eight:43 PM – Jan 24, 2019
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Sean Curry
Ross oversees ~45k of the 800k+ furloughed Feds. We are now on our 2nd $0 paycheck. The fact that he has 0 knowledge of ways this impacts american is telling of what is wrong with this administration. I’m luckier than many, and I can guarantee you that it f*cking sucks.

Rep. Brian Sims
Why could we possibly assume @realDonaldTrump’s management of billionaires to apprehend the real effect of the #TrumpShutdown on common Americans? This is the “Let Them Eat Cake” of 2019. There’s *zero* knowledge of the suffering they may be inflicting.Image result for THE INTERNET WATCHES

nine: fifty-five PM – Jan 24, 2019
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Tammy Duckworth

· Jan 24, 2019
[email protected] – it’s because they’re no longer getting paid. Here’s a tip: your workplace didn’t clean itself & your briefing substances didn’t magically seem. Try talking to the civil servants & contractors who serve our u. S. A. At Commerce & find out how the non-billionaire elegance lives.

Stu Nicholson
Sec. Ross: How completely tone deaf and totally compassionless are you able to be? Our economic system is greater than simply numbers. Our economy is humans and our human beings are hurting. Thank God for meals banks and others who’re assisting. You, sir, aren’t.

10: forty-four PM – Jan 24, 2019
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The feedback has been broadly shared with the aid of the media. Democrats had a few phrases for Ross, as properly.

What Happened: If President Trump found out something this beyond a week, it is actually not to name the bluff of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. If the president hasn’t learned that this week, then he really hasn’t been paying attention.

What Really Happened: One byproduct of the government shutdown changed into the State of the Union skirmish, which pitted Trump in opposition to Democrats in Congress. For those who might not have been paying attention, weeks ago Pelosi instructed the president to reschedule the State of the Union copes with due to the shutdown, citing the fees of managing it. Trump spoke back by using chickening out the use of army plane for a journey to a warfare area that Pelosi had scheduled, and inside the method made said journey public expertise for the first time. Sure, it wasn’t an outstanding response, however, it turned into something.



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