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Why Banquet Halls Are Perfect for Surprise Parties

While a banquet hall is probably not your first option when it comes to planning surprise parties, it is one of the most ideal locations for such an occasion. Banquet halls are perfect for both small gatherings and large get-togethers. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider a banquet hall for your next surprise party:

  1. Keeping it Quiet: It is almost impossible to keep a secret from someone you live with if you’re planning a surprise for them in your own house. Restaurants and bars are also not very viable as it is hard to predict what type of crowd you might land up with. Banquet halls are therefore the perfect option, where all guests can mingle and socialise in the comfort of each other, without the worry of having to deal with strangers.
  2. No Need to Clean up the Mess Afterwards: One of the biggest problems of having a party at home is having to clean the after party mess. You might have to rely on friends or family to help you clean and in the case that they don’t pitch in, you are left with all the work and frustration. Booking a banquet hall will allow you to just have a good time at the party and leave the cleaning to the staff there, removing a lot of work off your plate.


  1. Freedom to Prepare: If you were planning a surprise party on your house, you could face logistical problems if the person involved lived near you or worse still, in your house. A banquet hall however gives you complete secrecy and the freedom to prepare without constantly worrying about being discovered. Even better, you can get more hands to help you set up and fasten the process up.
  2. No Disturbing the Neighbours: In case your party gets wild and loud, you won’t have to worry about keeping the decibel level low so you don’t disturb the neighbours. This is especially useful in the case of grumpy neighbours who may call the police on you if you don’t keep the volume down. Since banquet halls are designed to hold large groups of people, you won’t have to worry about keeping the party quiet.
  3. You won’t have to be the Bad Guy: Having a surprise party at your own house can become a bit of a pain when you want to ask people to leave especially if they don’t want the party to end. By holding it at a neutral place like a banquet hall, you can set a definite cut off time by which everyone has to leave and you won’t be looked at as the bad guy trying to make the party end soon.

These are just a few of the many advantages that you can get from organising the next surprise party for a friend or relative! It is much less of a hassle than organizing a party at home or the nearest hangout place, you will definitely have less to worry about on your mind and will be able to spend your energy having a good time instead.

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