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Woman denied share in parental property for converting to Islam

A 33-yr-vintage girl has approached a court docket to claim her right over her deceased father’s assets. What is proving to be a hurdle is the reality that she converted to Islam at the same time as marrying the second time. Her two older brothers have not only disowned her, however, have additionally stopped giving her any financial benefits coming from the ancestral belongings.
Sonia misplaced her father in 2010. 12 months later, her first husband died because of blood most cancers. Her brothers decided to divide their father’s Ashok Nagar property equally between the 3 siblings and informed Sonia that they will provide her month-to-month remuneration from the belongings.
Sonia who had a seven-12 months-antique daughter from her first husband claims she agreed as she did now not have every other supply of earnings.

She met her second husband Hasan in 2012 and fell in love with him. Both of them decided to tell their households about every other. While Hasan managed to persuade his circle of relatives to simply accept a Hindu bride, Sonia’s brothers refused to just accept the union or even disowned her. From her 2d marriage, Sonia has a three-12 months-vintage son.
Speaking to Mail Today she said, “Even after my second marriage there is no change in my residing. My husband has in no way interfered or compelled any norms upon me. We value all religions. I tried convincing my brothers, however, the remaining time I went there they threatened me with the dire outcome.”
Eventually, Sonia claims, her brothers additionally stopped sending her the remuneration from the property and filed to cancel her right over the belongings pronouncing that she does no longer have any claim to the assets as she transformed to Islam.


She filed a match earlier than an extra district judge thru her suggest Amit Kumar asking the court docket to declare her one-1/3 proprietor of the Shahdara, Ashok Nagar belongings.
The female, in her suit, says her brothers defrauded her and performed a fake deed of her share within the property of their call.
She instructed the courtroom, “When our mom and dad died in 2010 and 2008 respectively, my brothers and I have become joint owners of the undivided assets, well worth Rs. 20 lakh as on date.”
She claimed inside the in shape that, her brothers in 2012 took her to the workplace of a sub-registrar, underneath the pretext of having the property divided into three same shares, and she or he blindly signed the documents in properly religion. Initially, she becomes getting her percentage of the hire collected from the tenants staying at the belongings.

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In their reaction to the healthy, the 2 brothers say, their sister turned into disqualified from inheriting any portion of the property underneath the provisions of the Hindu Succession Act as she converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim guy and has a baby from her marriage.
They have sought a dismissal of the match as she has ceased to be a Hindu now and say that they have dedicated no fraud. The woman has also filed a criminal complaint against her brothers inside the Karkardooma court docket for alleged offenses of cheating, crook conspiracy and forgery.

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