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World’s loneliest duck Trevor dies alone after dog attack. Internet is ruthless

Trevor, the arena’s ‘loneliest duck’ that called Niue its domestic, has died after an attack with the aid of a p.C. Of puppies. The small South Pacific island of Niue, that Trevor called its domestic, is in mourning over the demise of its preferred duck.

Trevor became attacked by means of dogs over the weekend on the island.

“We’ve had confirmed reports that Trevor the Duck – Niue has died,” a Facebook web page named ‘Trevor the Duck – Niue’ stated.

“He became seen lifeless within the bush after being attacked by means of dogs,” it stated.

Trevor arrived on the island ultimate 12 months throughout a storm and shortly became a nearby movie star.

He has christened Trevor after the Speaker of the House of Representatives in New Zealand, Trevor Mallard.

Given that Niue lacks the wetlands and ponds which are the chook’s regular habitat, Trevor had to make do with a puddle along a tune close to the island’s global airport.

Last week, the Facebook web page put out a name to followers after Trevor was no longer visible for nearly per week.

“I’m lost and cannot locate my Puddle. Has anybody spotted me this week round Niue?” it asked.

Trevor’s death left netizens heartbroken.

On social media, condolences poured in for the world’s loneliest duck.

A person tweeted, “Awwww, RIP lil guy. Now you could be part of your extended family.”


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