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Armored Cars Vs Armor Piercing Rounds

Generally when you fantasize of armored cars, you form an image of the President’s car or preferably some high official’s car or Sport Utilities throughout the world that needs some serious protection from people that want to cause them harm. Armored cars are not easy on one’s pocket, the reason behind that is the vehicle requires to be stripped down to the frame to fit in the armor in areas such as the floor to guard underneath the vehicle against I.E.D.’s and grenades. Additionally, the roof will also offer protection from rooftop shots. All side pillars and door hinges must be armour-plated to manage the extra weight of the steel inclusive of the thick bullet resistant glass in the doors.

The technicians who work on these vehicles are extremely skilled mechanics. For instance, when you put new glass in a window that is five to ten times thicker than the original glass, the amount work obligatory to make it all fit and look the same is a task in itself. To entirely strip a car or sport utility down to the frame and put it all back collectively and make it look like a new stock vehicle that just came from the factory on the outside is truly appreciable. This is what good Armor companies do to make sure that the extent of protection is fitted on the vehicle is apt while upholding the fit and finish of the vehicle so that it retains the look of a brand new vehicle.

When it comes to choosing the protection level of armored cars, the first thing to contemplate is the danger level you might possible encounter while in transport. American and European ballistics are the two of the standards that will determine the protection the armored cars will receive.


The bullet resistant glass is almost around 68 to 70 mm thick which is near to 3 inches. The other big modification is when the protection level moves up from B6 to B7 is the steel goes from a quarter of an inch in thickness to one half of an inch in thickness. This difference sounds small but makes a huge difference in the weight of the vehicle. It will now require heavy duty springs, shocks and brakes to be installed to handle the extra weight of the steel and glass. At this level of protection, a person can feel very safe that you have one of the highest levels of security made for an armored car. Protecting a vehicle from armor piercing rounds is very important for a high level official who wants absolute security from bullets or grenades.

If you plan to get yourself an armoured car, then contact Exec Armor. Exec Armor executives have over 20 years of armored vehicle manufacturing and design experience. The professional team of engineers, mechanics, certified welders (Canadian Welding Bureau certified) and automotive technicians make Exec Armour a leader in the global marketplace. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East, Exec Armour uses only the finest craftsmanship and dedicated resources for each vehicle conversion. Safety is our number one priority on every vehicle we make we use only the best materials and the latest in armoured luxury vehicle technology when making our cars. For more information, you may refer to the website


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