5 Predictions for the Future of Information Technology

What is communication technology and how will it shape our future? The realm of technology keeps getting bigger and there are some sharp-minded individuals out there who are changing the way this technology can improve our lives. Here are some popular predictions about up-and-coming information technology trends and how they

How to Use Material Handling Equipment

Working in the industry which involves heavy material handling equipment, one must possess a heavy set of skills. These include attentiveness, communication, teamwork and patience. Without these must have capabilities one would easily fail to handle these types of equipment. Knowing some procedures will avoid injuries and maximise the productivity. Here

Tech trends that will dominate the year 2018

The digital revolution has increased in power at an exponential rate and has also decreased in relative cost. There has been a rapid growth in the technology sector. The biggest technology set-ups like Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have made up 37% of the S&P 500's total gains in

Coolest gadgets to kick off summer

It's time to power-down your cell phone, put on a few SPF 30 and head outdoor for BBQs, hikes and the seaside days. But you do not have to surrender all technology to relax. Here are some gadgets to get the most out of summer time's lazy days. After you've got

Podcasts to Listen To: 4 shows on technology, gadgets

Learn approximately what’s new or unusual inside the tech global with “Accidental Tech Podcast,” “Analog(up),” “Clockwise” and “Rocket.” There’s no denying it — era is everywhere. From controlling a whole house with the contact of a couple of buttons to driving around in driverless vehicles managed via GPS satellites, it’ll be

Hi-tech gadgets brought in to protect Lewis Hamilton

F1 bosses are reportedly set to unharness the contemporary anti-terrorism measures to ensure the protection of Lewis Hamilton and his fellow drivers against ability assaults at the British Grand Prix. Net weapons and electronic jammers are being brought in to prevent capability drone interference at some point of the exhibit event

Top tech gadgets for the bank holiday

It’s been a yr seeing that we had any first-rate climate to speak of so it’s time to get some new gadgets that’ll hold your children entertained, all of us cool, and the burgers perfectly cooked. We can eventually all rejoice due to the fact a sunny (hopefully) financial institution excursion