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Tech trends that will dominate the year 2018

The digital revolution has increased in power at an exponential rate and has also decreased in relative cost. There has been a rapid growth in the technology sector. The biggest technology set-ups like Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have made up 37% of the S&P 500’s total gains in 2017.

It is expected as per the tech news that, the federal investments in the digital sector will be close to $95 billion in 2018 and the global spend by public will be $3.4 trillion on digital services by the year 2020.

Some of the top tech trends in the year 2018 include:

Internet of Things: According to the business intelligence study, around $6 trillion will be spent on internet of things (IoT) solutions in the coming five years. This was once a science-fictional notion which is turning into a reality. The people are already starting their day in the smart beds and wake up by a Bluetooth-connected alarm clock which communicates with our wifi-enabled speakers. It will not be a dream to see all our important gadgets like microwaves, washing machines, bird feeders, to have a web connectivity.



Automation: The day is not far when the AI or Artificial intelligence and machines will become pervasive in our professional life. Things like virtual assistants, manual labor, intermediary services, we may expect to have a dearth of jobs in the coming years. Though sometimes machines just cannot replace the humans in some areas, but there are many fields where we can have a fully automated technology.

Machine intelligence can swallow the worker demand and may result into the loss of millions of jobs. AI may not be used by the average business, but IBM’s Watson is using AI and machine learning. Many start-ups have applied for the AI technology from its application in the field of marketing to the field of healthcare and much more.

Quantum computing: It is a digital revolution in computing power. Though, we cannot say as of now as to how the business would make use of these exponentially powerful computers to their advantage, but it is certainly a trend that can make a lot of difference in our lives.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality: Virtual reality can go mainstream in the year 2018. Though this technology is still developing, but the players like Oculus and HTC continue to repeat on their consoles. VR will appeal to the public as VR technology looks promising for the industry. The challenge in virtual reality is the creation of sufficient content to entice a wide audience and buyers. Other than gaming, there many virtual reality startups that are creating value added services for enterprises.

Pokémon and its success are an example of augmented reality. With an improvement in the hardware and software, we can see more AR application developers in the coming year. Not only the startups, but many big brands can start to invest in augmented reality soon, as per the tech news India.

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