Uber’s head of finance is heading to Opendoor

Uber’s quickly-to-be former head of finance, Gautam Gupta, is set to join actual estate startup Open door as its first-ever leader working officer, Axios reviews. News of Gupta’s upcoming departure from Uber, at the side of facts on Uber’s sales, got here past due final month. Gupta is leaving Uber in

Difference Between Futures and Options

Future and options are the form of extended trade derivatives. Derivatives are the financial instruments that derive their value from an underlying security or asset like share, debt instrument, currency, gold or a commodity. Investing in futures and options can help you tomake your financial infrastructure secure. Let us try to

US & Global Stock Market Holiday Calendar

You don’t have to bother about tracking the closing dates of the stock markets anymore, because we have brought a ready reckoner of the US and Global Stock Market Calendar for you. We have jotted down the guide to holidays for U.S. and other few select Global Exchanges. The Stock market

Your guide to Call & Put options

An option is kind of a derivative. It is a contract or a provision of a contract. The option gives the option holder a right to perform a transaction with the option issuer as per a certain term. The two types of options are calls and puts. The basic difference

How to Claim your Insurance

An insurance claim is one where a loss of any kind is covered by your insurance firm. It comes in return of periodic premiums that you pay towards either life, health, or vehicle insurance policy. However, quite often people have difficulty in understanding what is the right way to go about

Role of Mortgage Brokers in Purchasing a Home

In the case that you are looking to buy a new house or simply refinance the one you currently own, the best thing for you to do will be to hire a mortgage broker. If you undertake the hunt for the right mortgage on your own, you may encounter several

Why Mutual Fund Investment is not a Fad

Mr. Shah is a risk-averse investor but has huge ambitions. He dreams of a luxurious lifestyle but his inhibitions of investing in mutual funds holds him back. He uses safer investments such as fixed deposits and recurring deposits to invest his surplus. Does this sound familiar? People always find it hard