What is the put-call ratio and why should I pay attention to it?

What is the put-call ratio? While investing in the stock market, Genius Zone  there are a lot of factors that need consideration from the investor’s side. One small mistake can cause a big blunder while on the other hand carefully did speculations, observations and calculations can turn the whole table upside down

5 Predictions for the Future of Information Technology

What is communication technology and how will it shape our future? The realm of technology keeps getting bigger and there are some sharp-minded individuals out there who are changing the way this technology can improve our lives. Here are some popular predictions about up-and-coming information technology trends and how they

Understanding Derivatives and What they mean/ What Do Derivatives Mean And What Is Its Significance For The Investors?

Derivative markets have increased in significance since the time the derivatives were introduced in the year 2000. Derivative is a class of instruments that has effectively held the interest of the investors. Derivatives are the financial contracts that are derived from their value of an underlying asset. The assets could be

London Bridge attack: Spain honours ‘skateboarding hero’

Spanish skateboarder Ignacio Echeverría, who died from Saturday's terror assaults in London, has been posthumously offered one among Spain's maximum honors. The country's government has deemed him worthy of the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit for his bravery. Echeverría reportedly attempted to combat off the terrorists together with his

Notre-Dame attack: Farid Ikken appears in Paris court

An Algerian man who was shot after attacking a policeman with a hammer at Notre Dame cathedral has regarded before a choose in Paris. Farid Ikken, 40, become formally charged with the tried murder of law enforcement officials and association with terrorists. The journalist became reading in France for a doctorate in

Election 2017: Who are Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill?

Theresa May's key advisers have resigned after a disastrous election marketing campaign. Who are they and what sort of responsibility did they certainly have for what went incorrect? Their fingerprints have been throughout several of Mrs. May's guidelines and that they had a totally firm grip at the keys to her

Dangal Actress Zaira Wasim Rescued From Dal Lake After Accident

Actress Zaira Wasim was concerned in a coincidence on the Dal Lake in Kashmir on Thursday, suggested news enterprise IANS. The 16-yr-antique actress, who played Aamir Khan's onscreen daughter in 2016 movie Danger, became on the Boulevard Road in Srinagar whilst the car she changed into visiting in went out

The last hours of a Christian sanitary worker in Pakistan

Irfan Masih was clearing a blocked sewer in Pakistan's Sindh Province whilst he was overcome by toxic fumes. The 30-yr-old, who's Christian, died in hospital. His circle of relatives says that doctors to start with refused to deal with him and allege he is a sufferer of growing discrimination from