India’s First Budget Post GST implementation

There have been many discussions on the first budget post GST implementation. The issues related to the new and revolutionized pan-India indirect tax regime continues to be an important burning point in all the pre-Budget consultations. As per the GST news India, the bodies like Federation of Indian Exports Organisation (FIEO),

Tips for Crowd Control Planning

When it comes to planning large events, one of the agendas on your mind should be crowd control. Having a large event without crowd control becomes risky and unsafe; it is easier and safer to have certain measures to control the crowds, like barricades and emergency plans. When you plan

What is the put-call ratio and why should I pay attention to it?

What is the put-call ratio? While investing in the stock market, Genius Zone  there are a lot of factors that need consideration from the investor’s side. One small mistake can cause a big blunder while on the other hand carefully did speculations, observations and calculations can turn the whole table upside down

London Bridge attack: Spain honours ‘skateboarding hero’

Spanish skateboarder Ignacio Echeverría, who died from Saturday's terror assaults in London, has been posthumously offered one among Spain's maximum honors. The country's government has deemed him worthy of the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit for his bravery. Echeverría reportedly attempted to combat off the terrorists together with his

Notre-Dame attack: Farid Ikken appears in Paris court

An Algerian man who was shot after attacking a policeman with a hammer at Notre Dame cathedral has regarded before a choose in Paris. Farid Ikken, 40, become formally charged with the tried murder of law enforcement officials and association with terrorists. The journalist became reading in France for a doctorate in

Election 2017: Who are Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill?

Theresa May's key advisers have resigned after a disastrous election marketing campaign. Who are they and what sort of responsibility did they certainly have for what went incorrect? Their fingerprints have been throughout several of Mrs. May's guidelines and that they had a totally firm grip at the keys to her