Buying a Condo – What You Should Know

Let us first look at what a condo or condominium is. It has been defined as a type of home ownership in which the individual living units of a large complex are sold to different individuals. A condo could be anything from a townhouse to a redone apartment to even

What Is Beauty?

To the Editor: Re “We Don’t Have to Be Beautiful” (Sunday Review, April 7): Megan Nolan has the releasing popularity that beauty is given at delivery and that if we had been less splendor-aware and obsessed, we would be freer to be ordinary. Then we’d get on with the commercial enterprise of

Life can be evolving on nearest exoplanets: Study

NEW YORK: Life may be evolving on rocky, Earth-like planets orbiting within the habitable quarter of a number of our closest stars that are bombarded using extreme ranges of radiation, according to a have a look at. Proxima-b, most effective 4.24 light years away, gets 250 times more X-ray radiation than

Why is Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Gaining Popularity?

Hormone replacement therapy has been there for a long time, and the primary purpose of that was to maintain an optimum level of hormone in one’s body. Now, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, is an identical hormone replacement therapy, when compared to the age-old procedure of hormone replacement,

Carpet cleaning methods- chem-dry cleaning

Various different methods can be used to clean carpets. Most commonly used method is wet cleaning. However most recently, professional carpet cleaning companies have come up with low moisture techniques for carpet cleaning. This latest technique is known as chem-dry cleaning.Basic information about chem dry cleaningThis method of chem dry