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Magnitude of vehicle slowdown

The significance of slowdown in vehicles income is traumatic. Never for the reason, that turn of the millennium have things long past awry to this volume for the industry, although there have been sustained intervals of lull before (Chart 1).

India: Legality Of Automobile Modification/Customization In India

Everyone folks have either did or might have at the least idea of editing/customizing our motorbike, our car as in keeping with your preferences and to make it look above the rest. However, when I awakened on 10th January, my

Tech and Gadgets

Samsung Buds expected to make an appearance any day now

SEOUL, Jan 30 — What is likely to be Samsung’s next technology of actually wi-fi earbuds — the successor of ultimate year’s Gear IconX earbuds — currently got FCC certification, making its approaching launch feasible throughout next month’s Galaxy Unpacked


Selling lethal drugs in the dark corners of the internet

As the nation's opioid crisis worsens, authorities are confronting a resurgent, unruly participant inside the illicit exchange of the deadly capsules, one which threatens to be even extra formidable than the cartels. The net. In a growing range of arrests and overdoses,

Fighting for the Internet: Two Big Thank Yous

Two most important grassroots campaigns display not best the intensity of public subject approximately defensive the Internet from the FCC under Ajit Pai, they’ve reaffirmed EFF’s ongoing work to ward off and ensure the Internet stays free. In March, Congress sparked