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Tips for Crowd Control Planning

When it comes to planning large events, one of the agendas on your mind should be crowd control. Having a large event without crowd control becomes risky and unsafe; it is easier and safer to have certain measures to control the crowds, like barricades and emergency plans. When you plan a large event, it is important to have a clear understanding of the logistics of the event, and of the rules and legislation surrounding crowd control in your state or district. There will be certain rules that you must follow when having a large event – these rules change from state to state, making it imperative that you know the laws of the land before hosting a large event.

When planning a large event, make sure you have a head-count for the event so you can organize sufficient security staff in order to control the crowd well. The recommended ratio is one or two security staff members for ten attendees. When hiring security staff, make sure that they are briefed and well prepared for the event. Security staff will have to screen the attendees for any illegal substances, make sure they have the required tickets or IDs to enter the event (if the event is ticketed), and to monitor the attendees’ behavior. Security staff must be mobile to ensure that the crowd remains calm and safe, and that any trouble-makers are removed from the premises as quickly as possible.
When it comes to allowing attendees to enter, you must have a specific system in mind, rather than have a large opening. It becomes easier to screen attendees if there are temporary fences to guide people to the respective venues. Temporary fences are very useful because they are cost-efficient, easy to erect and can be used as an advertising medium as well, making them useful spaces to sell to advertising agencies. Make sure that the attendees are provided with some form of identification, like a ticket or a wristband, to ensure that no one tries to sneak in without proper registration.
Make sure that you have a risk plan and an emergency plan in place, and that your staff are aware of any emergency plans in case something goes wrong. It is important to inform your staff on how to defuse a violent situation, and how to deal with troublesome patrons and attendees without physical intervention while maintaining a calm demeanor. Make sure that you have exit plans in mind in case there is a fire, or any other natural disaster. Make sure that your staff is trained in breaking up fights without using violence on their own.

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