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Different Ways to Check Whether Your Car Insurance is Genuine or Not?

In today’s speedy world we witness a lot of fraud cases. It has become very challenging for many of us to trust any company and rely on them for their insurance product. There are many instances where the policy holders are fleeced by the iffy policies and agents of a company. Hence, it has become very crucial for a policy owner to understand the credibility of the company and the policy owned by them.

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A car insurance or motor insurance is an insurance plan which provides coverage for all losses and damages arising to the car. It has become a necessity with regards to the road statistics and rash driving scene currently witnessed. Individuals should buy such insurance as it covers all the expenses that might need to be incurred on the happening of a future contingency. Even discounts can be availed under such type of insurance plans on the eligibility of association groups or cars manufacturing date or the respective grade associated with it.

It can be very terrifying to discover that the policy purchased is not genuine or the company is a fly-by-night company and that you are now not eligible to claim the policy which you have recently purchased. Now, the foremost question for everyone at this point of time is to; how to distinguish between a fake and a genuine insurance policy.

There are certain checks and parameter which can be helpful for you to understand the genuineness of the insurance purchased.

The Genuine Nature of Motor Insurance

It can be established that motor insurance is a vital aspect of an individual’s life and thus needs to be purchased after considering all the genuine details associated with it. There are certain ways to check the legitimacy of car insurance.

  • It is recommended to go through the insurance brochures and prospectus accordingly. This will help in determining whether the online car insurance plan is genuine or not. Also, cross-check the details with other companies to be double sure.
  • Verification via QR Code is a great way to determine the legitimacy of the policy. These can be a credible source of determining whether the insurance policy under consideration is legitimate.
  • Receipts are also a great way to know the credibility of insurance plans. Check and verify the receipt details to gain better insight.
  • Do not hesitate to use the policy verification link provided by insurance companies. It is a great and simple manner to check the legitimacy of the insurance plan in question.
  • It is recommended to know about the company on the internet before buying a car insurance policy. The company’s reputation should be checked and all the related reviews along with it.

Prevention is better than cure

Mayhem can occur at any time; hence, it is better to be prepared for it. Also, the government of India has made it mandatory to the entire vehicle owner to have insurance of their vehicle before going on the road.

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