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Small Bathroom Vanities: Choosing the Right Vanity

With small bathrooms, you are often facing decorating, storage, and design challenges. It can be a task to find a vanity that suits your style as well as complements your small bathroom. To create a stylish small bathroom perfect for you, here are certain tips to overcome the challenges and find the right small-bathroom vanity.

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You must consider carefully the vanity you choose since space is at a premium in a small bathroom. While there is no choice that is entirely right or wrong, some feature and aesthetics may add more to your bathroom than others. Here are the benefits and challenges of certain types of bathroom vanities that suit your need for small bathrooms:

Cabinet Style Vanity

A common yet classic choice is the cabinet style vanity. While it does take up space due to its solid shape, the concealed compartments and built in drawers provide a generous amount of storage despite the small size of your bathroom. In case your budget allows semi custom or custom cabinetry, ensure that the cabinetry fits without overwhelming the space visually by considering the measurements closely.

For ready vanity cabinets, look for ones designed specifically for smaller spaces to avoid constraints. For a visually appealing design in your small bathroom that still provides storage, opt for a vanity cabinet designed to look like legged furniture.

Pedestal and Console Sinks

For visual relief, extra legroom and more space and openness in the bathroom, a freestanding sink is ideal. However, the storage will have to be designed elsewhere in the bathroom as pedestal sinks won’t offer any. You can opt for decorative stacking baskets tucked under the sink, adjacent shelves, or a freestanding storage cabinet for the much-needed storage.

To strike a balance between the pedestal sink and cabinet style vanity, you may choose a console sink that features a built in towel bar and an open shelf in the lower vanity area while still maintaining the airy design. Where storage isn’t much of a priority, pedestal and console sinks are ideal.

Wall Mount Vanity

Standing true to its name, the wall mounted vanity reveals open space beneath the sink to the floor and is attached only to the wall. It gives a look as airy as the console sink due to the floating design while offering more storage in the form of wall mounted cabinet or shelf. The storage varies according to design and you also get extra storage in the space beneath the vanity to add stackable containers or storage baskets. It is ideal for those looking for a contemporary and clean lined design.

Sink and Faucet Considerations

When choosing the vanity for a small bathroom, you may want to consider these faucet and sink options too:

To provide more counter space, or a small vanity, opt for a smaller sink.

To maximize the space, use a wall mounted faucet, setting the sink closer to the wall, allowing for a shallow vanity.

With these tips, you’ll fix your small bathroom with your required vanity without losing out on the space you can avail.

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