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7 Exhilarating Road Trips to take in 2017

We are in 2017. You must look forward to a great year with memories that could be cherished forever. When it comes to such moments, a road trip is a thing that should top your to-do list of the year. So without further ado, let’s take a look at such road trips in India that promise a breathtaking adventure.

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  • Mumbai to Goa

This road trip is arguably the most popular road trip for people staying in Mumbai. The main reason for this is that it offers a much-needed breath of fresh air from the daily grind. Mumbai to Goa offers a great experience if you are looking for a stress buster from the pressure of working in the financial capital. Filled with the scenic natural beauty of national highway 17, this trip is sure to soothe your senses with its lush greenery. Having the company of close friends on this trip is like icing on the cake. The road trip stretches for about 600 kilometres and can require around 11 hours.

  • Kolkata to Varanasi

This one is similar to Mumbai-Goa in the sense that it offers respite from the hectic city life. This trip stretches for 682 kilometres with picturesque surroundings. Varanasi has earned the sobriquet of ‘spiritual capital of India’ due to its beautiful temples and holy sites.

  • Delhi to Agra

The road trip from Delhi to Agra is sure to amaze you if you undertake it via the Yamuna. The Yamuna expressway is an absolute pleasure to drive on.

  • Mumbai to Mt Abu

Another one for the people of Mumbai, this one crosses the towns of Vadodara and Ahmedabad. The historic sites and natural landscapes are the main attraction of the 745 kilometres long trip graced with many wonderful dhaabas.

  • Ahmedabad to Kutch

This fun-filled road trip promises a majestic experience through the magnificent white salt desert. Stretching 381 kilometres, this is a great trip to experience the culture of Kutch along with the villages of Nirona, Nakhtarana and Hodko.

  • Bengaluru to Nandi Hills

If you are an IT professional slogging your way through the Silicon Valley of Bengaluru, Nandi Hill is the best place to let off some steam. With just an hour’s drive away from the IT hub, it just couldn’t get any better. Don’t forget to visit Devanahalli Fort en route.

  • Pune to Dedwana

Another major IT hub of the country after Bengaluru, Pune is also referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Although the road trip is seemingly long with around 1300 kilometres to cover, the journey is worth it with some awe-inspiring surroundings. Dedwana, known for its historical significance is sure to take you back in time with its charm.

On an ending note, while all these road trips promise an enthralling experience, they are not without their fair share of risks. Before undertaking the journey, it is vital that you check and service your vehicle prudently. Another important thing is to ensure that you have a robust car insurance policy. It will protect you from any unforeseen incidents during the trip. In case you don’t have car insurance or if it is about to expire, it is high time to get things sorted. You can now easily buy car insurance online with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can compare online vehicle insurance for getting the best deal too. Now that you are all set, wish you a happy and safe journey!

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