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Apprentice travel discount means politicians are listening

Conservative manifesto pledge: Introduce appreciably discounted bus and train tour for younger apprentices
Frankie Linn argues FOR

The Conservative manifesto commitment to an apprentice journey cut price is a nice reminder that now and again politicians listen. That now and again which includes the ‘apprentice voice’ in conferences isn’t tokenism. That all the one’s conferences and emails and trips to London would possibly definitely be profitable. Of direction, the cash it’ll save may be useful however the maximum thrilling element about this statement is that we know that after we get apprentices collectively to speak to selection-makers, things can trade.

The National Society of Apprentices gives you the apprentice voice at a neighborhood, country wide and European degree, assisting apprentices to reflect on their apprenticeships and interact with selection-makers on the problems that have an effect on them. This announcement indicates us that it works.

In 2014 one of the first things we did as the countrywide society was to move and ask apprentices approximately travel. The message got here returned loud and clear: apprentices have been paying an excessive amount of on journey. Back in 2014, it became £24 per week and we are able to consider it’s were given any less expensive.

This manner that working 35 hours per week for £3.50 an hour, travel consumes 25% of an apprentice’s weekly salary. Essentially that works out as running until your morning tea damage on Tuesday simply to pay your bus fare.

Here are a number of the comments we received from apprentices:

“I fear loads about my money state of affairs … it puts a difficult pressure on me. Getting to work every day financially is a conflict”

“I’m playing my apprenticeship, but worrying approximately my monetary scenario is an ordinary occurrence”

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Discounted bus and teach travel is a change that will make a large effect on younger apprentices, who are much more likely to be paid £3.50 an hour. We’ll understand precisely how many this is once final year’s apprenticeship pay survey is sooner or later posted (a cough, cough). This alternate approach that fewer apprentices will have to rely on a second process, or fear as lots approximately stepping into debt.

Apprentices are a quite nice, proactive bunch, however, 40% people often fear approximately money. We’ll need to be patient precisely how the shipping offer pans out and the way it compares to the brand new MY Travel Pass in Wales and the adjustments afoot in Scotland. That stated, when many of us are paying 1 / 4 of our wage attending to paintings, a bit assist won’t move amiss.


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