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Understanding Derivatives and What they mean/ What Do Derivatives Mean And What Is Its Significance For The Investors?

Derivative markets have increased in significance since the time the derivatives were introduced in the year 2000. Derivative is a class of instruments that has effectively held the interest of the investors. Derivatives are the financial contracts that are derived from their value of an underlying asset.

The assets could be stocks, commodities, currencies, exchange rates and the rate of interest. All these financial instruments help in making profit and profits is decided by making betting on the future values of the underlying assets. As the value is derived from the underlying asset it is termed as derivatives.


Understand The Significance Of Derivatives

Value of underlying assets changes every now and then! The views regarding the stock prices in future are conflicting. Some investors expect the stock price to rise while the rest expect the stock price to fall. The trade market flow offers complete freedom and information of trading and allows to trade as per the personal instincts.

With the shared knowledge the investors would get insights on how the market would behave in the coming days and likewise get positioned in regards to the future price of the stocks. This is called a typical form of derivative market.

Learn About Different Derivative Contract Types

Derivative contracts are of four types, i.e. futures, forwards, options and swaps. Swaps are quite complex instruments which are not available for trade but the other three instruments are quite easier to understand and the investors use this for trading. Below mentioned are the most popular instruments used for trading by the investors.

NSE Option Chain And Its Importance For The Investors

NSE option chain helps the investors to understand the price options as well as other details like bidding price, percentage changes and OI. It is a simple representation of the call options and put options over the strike prices that are listed with the premiums. The investors can get nse option chain for the derivative contracts on the exchange. It is quite essential for the investors to understand the structure of the option chain. The investors must even learn to use the tools.

What Is Nifty Futures And Why Is It Widely Opt By The Investors?

Nifty future is one of the most widely opted futures instruments that makes it the most liquid contract and basically in the Indian derivative market. Nifty Futures are the index futures where S&P CNX Nifty index is underlying.

For the nifty future Contracts, the lot size that is permitted is 50 and isavailable in multiples of 50. Alike other future contracts, Nifty Futuresalso have three-month trading cycle. The investors can easily trade in Nifty Futures by getting a margin over the amount having in their account.

As the future instruments are derivative contracts which are derived from the value of the underlying assets, the underlying assets in Nifty Futuresis the index itself. In simple terms, Nifty Futures derives its values from the Nifty Index. This determines that the value of the Nifty Indexraises high up and the value of the Nifty Futures also hikes up simultaneously and if the value goes down then Index futures would also come down.

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