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Day trips to take form Paris

As summer fast approaches and we look for the newest holiday destination, we are bombarded with dozens of travels deals and holiday destinations. One country which is on most people’s lists and in every holiday brochure you see is France. There is everything from mansions in france to the Mediterranean Sea and all the culture, art and history that you can fit into one country. There are a host of reasons to visit France and you can make a mixed itinerary of places to see. In this list, we have looked at locations outside of Paris which may need be visited as often. Many people arrive in into Paris first and get caught up in its own beauty and culture which means many parts of the country are left least visited. Each location we have chosen can be reached within a day of Paris though, so you will not have to make serious additional adjustments to your travel plans, this is just to give you a taste of what else there is to see in this amazing country.

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Versailles Palace and Gardens:

One of the easiest and most popular day trips from Paris is a visit to the palace and gardens of Versailles, the former seat of the French royal family and one of the major locations of the French revolution in 1789. The Palace and grounds have been renovated and are maintained year-round. They show the luxury and indulgences of the Royal family and are a great way to see some of the many reasons for the fall of the Monarchy in France. Spring and summer are the best times to visit the palace and see the gardens in all their glory. You can spend a wonderful day here exploring the history of the monarchy and enjoying the grounds. This can be an arranged tour, or you can find your own way there and take in the sights at your leisure while enjoying your time here.

Disneyland Paris park and resort:

If you are visiting one famous Paris, why not visit its younger more fun sibling. Disneyland Paris is perfect for those young and old and will leave you in amazement no matter what age you are. If you are in the city visiting Disneyland Paris is easily accessible by the fast commuter train and should take no more than an hour.

If you are with your kids though expect to extend your time here to more than a day as there is so much to do in the park. The park contains a gold course, Disney village and all the other facilities you would expect from a resort of this magnitude meaning there is plenty to do for the whole family.

Fontainebleau Palace and Park:

Of course, visiting Paris will involve a lot of palace visiting and Fontainebleau is not one you want to miss. The palace and grounds housed Royal families and other important figures form the 13th century onwards. The palace is spectacular, but many visitors enjoy roaming about its surrounding forests which can have mystical effect with the palace in the background. Architecture and history buffs will, of course, enjoy the palace grounds and buildings.

You should prepare some energy for this excursion though as you will want to spend many hours on the walking trails and finding the right locations to have a picnic or to simply relax and enjoy the surroundings that you find yourself in.

Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis:

For those of you with a growing affinity for royalty or who want to finish up their studies into French royalty then the Basilica of Saint-Denis is the perfect place to stop. The stunning architecture of this basilica should be enough to draw many visitors but it’s as the final resting place of many former kings and queens that acts as the biggest draw. Visitors can see the heart of King Louis XVIII, along with the graves of 42 kings 32 queens and many more princes.

It is an incredible location steeped in history and a great location to see the final resting place of many of these incredible historic figures. Spend some time here seeing the gothic architecture and the grounds of the basilica.


A little over two hours from Paris Normandy is one of the most important sites of World war two as this is the location of the beach landings by the allied forces in WWII a pivotal day in the war and one which allowed it to finish earlier than expected. Although many of the locations and buildings were destroyed during the landings it is possible to see some remains of buildings.

There are also cemeteries dedicated to the war dead here which can be visited on a tour or by yourself. There are many guides and tours of the area which can show you come greater insights into that historic day and the reason that Normandy was chosen as the right location for the landing of the allied forces. Due to the distances involved prepare to leave early from Paris and to arrive back later in the evening.

France has much to offer and although much of this list included historic locations, remember that this is just a taste of what is on offer. You still have the palace of Disneyland to enjoy when you are finished with the historic side of things, and then there is everything that Paris has to offer itself.

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