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Dell, Acer add new Chromebooks, Windows laptops to education offerings

Following on HP’s assertion this week of new training Chromebooks, competitors Dell and Acer have released new Chromebooks for schoolkids as nicely. Just to make sure they leave no stone unturned inside the burgeoning market phase, the two groups are every introducing a brand new Windows-primarily based academic computer as nicely. The slew of new schooling Chromebooks is timed to correspond with the Bett schooling era event going on in London.This week.

Like HP, Acer’s new services consist of Intel and AMD processors — AMD chips having simply started out displaying up in Chromebooks on the recent CES occasion — while Dell chooses to stick with Intel inside. All 3 manufacturers have embraced the idea of creating their academic portables rugged enough to deal with the messy. Clumsy hands of schoolchildren, as the brand new structures out compliance with military levels of durability. Such touches encompass spill-resistant keyboards, drop safety, and within the case of Acer Chromebook Spin 512 and Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1 Gorilla Glass shows.Related image

The Spin 512 is joined through the Chromebook 512 among Acer’s new Intel-primarily based structures, each wearing 12-inch monitors and either a quad-middle Pentium N5000 or Celeron N4100 processor. (The Chromebook 512 can instead be ready with a dual-middle Celeron N4000 CPU.) Using a unique 3:2 issue ratio that Acer claims offer 18 percentage greater vertical screen area, the displays have a decision of one,366×912. The Spin 512 comes with a 360-degree hinge that permits it for use in tablet mode with the protected Wacom virtual stylus.

Acer hasn’t deserted the conventional 16: nine component ratio, as it has a Spin 511 version slated as nicely, with specs just like the Spin 512, and the extra budget-pleasant Chromebook 311 and Spin 311. The Spin 311 comes with an AMD A4 processor, whilst the Chromebook 311 can deliver with both the A4 or a Celeron CPU, becoming a member of the Chromebook 315 because of the business enterprise’s first Chromebooks with AMD processor options. Acer hasn’t announced pricing for the 512 collections yet, however, the Spin 511 will value $380, the Spin 311 could be slightly less expensive at $350, and the Chromebook 311 can be priced at either $three hundred for the Intel version or $280 for the AMD version.

Microsoft continues to compete towards Apple and Chromebook laptops inside the training market, which is why companions like Acer and Dell are introducing new Windows notebooks for faculties as nicely. Acer’s entry is the TravelMate B114-21, a 14-inch system that meets the same rugged requirements as the above Chromebooks. It’s primarily based around an AMD A6-9220C processor and Radeon R5 photographs and providing up to 10 hours of battery life. As with the 512 series above, no pricing for the B114-21 has been discovered, however, it’s going to begin shipping inside the 2nd area.

Dell’s new Windows pc for colleges is the Latitude 3300 Education, a 13.Three-inch notebook starting at $619. It comes with the standard sturdiness capabilities, preference of Intel processors, and, relying on the configuration, up to nearly 17 hours of battery life among prices. The Latitude 3300 is joined by using a trio of refreshed (and ruggedized) systems from the Chromebook 3000 collection lineup, which obtains a performance update within the shape of Intel Gemini Lake processor improvements.

The 3100 is an eleven.6-inch laptop beginning at $249 (contact-display choice will enhance that charge) and boasting up to fourteen hours of battery existence, while the 3400 is a 14-inch clamshell with a claimed battery life of nearly thirteen hours for $319. Rounding matters out is the Chromebook 3100 2-in-1, built around an 11.6-inch Gorilla Glass NBT touchscreen and presenting over 13 hours of battery existence. It will begin at $359 while it starts transport in March with Dell’s other new schooling laptops.

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